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Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online --Tips and Tricks

Postby Ivy » 2012-11-13 4:42

When you browser online or when you use the Internet for shopping, banking and other personal transactions, you privacy might be exposed to cyber criminals and identity theft. It's very important for you taking proper measures to protect your privacy because you will never know who might be watching you and trying to scam you.

In this post, I mainly introduce the tips for maintaining your privacy online.

Use cookies properly

Cookies are small files, usually text files, which can be placed on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies download themselves from sites you visit, and they are helpful as they can offer you better browsing experience but it seems to be too good to have on your computer. Third parties cookies, we also call tracing cookies track your online browsing habit and allow the related advertisement companies to create a profile of you without letting you know.

You are highly encouraged to clean cookies in a certain period of time. Besides that, please do not accept free cookies as well as third parties cookies. is one of the tracking cookies which may concern your privacy.

Clean your web caches

You should keep the good habit to clean out your browser history, caches from your computer to protect your privacy. This will prevent people from seeing which sites you have been viewing.

Cloud System Booster is the perfect system optimization program which can help you to clean the browser cookies as well as browser history and caches with just one click to protect your privacy online.

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Secure your web browser

Make sure your browser is secure enough to browse online. Please check and modify your browser settings to protect your privacy online. As well, please make sure your browser is secure by looking for "https" in the browser bar.
Tips here can help you to secure your Internet Explorer.

Use well-known search engines

Search engine is one of the issues regarding online privacy. Search engines have the ability to track a user's searches. Personal information can be revealed through searches including search items used, the time of the search, and more. Many free search engines with attractive features is really harm to uses' privacy. Take search engines as an example, most anti-virus program detect it as a threat because it acts to collect users' information for illegal purpose. Such kind of search engines should be removed immediately to protect your privacy online. You should take search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing to search data online.

Don’t rely on a computer to remember your passwords.

Most users take advantage of the features provide by the computer or browser to remember the log in and password to get quick access to a certain website but this is a potential threat to the users' privacy. Please do not accept options such as "Yes, this computer I use often" or "Remember the log-in/password information on this site" unless you are you sure you want your information stored.

Create an alternate email account.

Take your primary email account which is used to handle personal correspondence, work-related and purchases, while create an alternative email account for social network, such as facebook, forums. By doing so, it will help you to secure your primary email account and protect your personal information.

Be aware of spam, junk email and unknown attachments.

Spam email is always a threat to your privacy because it may contain dangerous attachments, links or tempting offers that are actually fraud and try to scam. Please never reply to spam email and please never send your personal information to unknown contacts.

Be aware of sneaky check boxes.

When you download and install program especially free program, a sneaky check box may selected automatically to let you install plus add-ons or toolbars. When you browser online and sign up for service or purchase items online, please check carefully all the check boxes to avoid get trapped by online scams.

Malware, spyware or phishing and any other threats

Computer security is the most essential factor for privacy. If your computer is get infected with virus or malware, your privacy data of course is under great danger. Anti-virus and anti-malware program are necessary tool to secure our computer as well as privacy data.

Anti-malware program Anvi Smart Defender recommended

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Re: Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online --Tips and Tricks

Postby thomasvandyke » 2014-03-06 7:11

Hello, the above listed way is quite good and helpful. This is amazing to know this. Or we also go for some effective and famous cleaners that easily detect and remove those things which harm your computer. There are many PC cleaners are available like C Cleaner, Optimo Pro, JetClean that easily do the math for our system. ;) :)

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Re: Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online --Tips and Tricks

Postby Benjeman » 2014-06-10 2:14

Data theft is the one off the biggest threat every for the internet. Several of the websites spending huge amount to protect their data and the users privacy. Your tips regarding security of personal computers are quiet helping. I have never installed or used Cleaner but now just installed CCleaner and it also help to boost my PC speed.

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