How to Stop and Prevent Browser Hijacker from Redirecting Me to Different Sites?

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How to Stop and Prevent Browser Hijacker from Redirecting Me to Different Sites?

Postby Ivy » 2015-08-12 0:47

Browser hijacker is a symptom and consequence of malware infection. A hijacked internet browser will continuously redirect homepage and new tab page to unwanted websites, such as malicious website, pornographic sites etc… Infected internet browser will start up on unwanted website without permission and redirect to malicious websites or any other third parties websites. When users try to visit a legitimate websites, it may also redirect to the annoying unwanted sites.

Browser Hijackers Distribute:

Browser hijackers are usually distributed and installed with free programs which are mentioned in the user’s agreement prior to installation; ignored and accepted by accidently by most computer users. Redirect virus or similar browser hijacker malware may also infect computers via websites hosting malware, such as hacked websites and drive-by-websites, and by orchestrating a series of phishing techniques including email spam and social media spam. When an unsuspecting internet user visits a compromised website or clicks a malicious link, the website or link may cause a payload of malware to install to the computer without detection.

Symptom or damage of Browser Hijacker:

• Browser settings changed and make the homepage and new tab page redirecting to unwanted website.
• Make it impossible to change homepage back to usual website.
• Multiple pop-up alerts for advertisements appear to annoy you.
• Toolbar installed and loaded automatically on the web browser which makes the internet browser respond slowly.
• Access to antivirus program official site prevented.

To remove and stop browser hijacker or redirect virus:

Optional 1-By reset browser settings to stop homepage or new tab page from redirecting to unwanted websites;

The most common web browser include the feature to allow user to reset the restore the browser settings quickly. The browser hijacker and redirect problem cad be solved by the reset feature. For detail information, please check below.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Close all Internet Explorer and Explorer windows that are currently open.
2. Start Internet Explorer.

Note If you are running Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, start Internet Explorer from the desktop. Changing your settings will affect both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer that you start from the desktop.

3. On the Tools menu, tap or click Internet options. If you don't see the Tools menu, press Alt.

4. In the Internet Options window, tap or click the Advanced tab.

5. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, tap or click Reset.

reset IE settings.png

For Google Chrome:

In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu three horizontal bars.
Select Settings.
At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.
Under the section "Reset settings,” click Reset settings.
In the dialog that appears, click Reset.

Note: When the "Help make Google Chrome better by reporting the current settings" checkbox is selected you are anonymously sending Google your Chrome settings. Reporting these settings allows us to analyze trends and work to prevent future unwanted settings changes.

reset Google Chrome settings.png

For Firefox:

1. Type about:support in the tab and press enter.
2. In the Troubleshooting Information page, click on the “Reset Firefox” button and then you will able to reset the browser settings to default.

reset firefox 2.png

Option 2—Repair browser hijacker or redirect problem with the free tool Anvi Browser Repair Tool

The Anvi Browser Repair Tool included in Cloud System Booster can repair your browser hijacker or redirect virus problem easily and quickly with one-click solution. It can apply to the most common web browsers that include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. To remove malicious homepage, toolbar, or extension will may cause browser hijacker problem, please download the free tool, Anvi Browser Repair tool.


After you download it, please open and run, run it, and then click on the Repair button which will scan and remove the unwanted malicious homepage or toolbar from your web browser.

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