How to Set Up Home Network on Windows Vista?

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How to Set Up Home Network on Windows Vista?

Postby Ivy » 2012-11-27 2:36

Nowadays, most of family has more than one computer. There comes the case that some of the family has no idea how to set up a wired or wireless home network for their computer. Here I will take Windows Vista as an example to list the steps of setting up home network.

Basically, we should decide what we need our network to do. A home network allows us to share internet connections, files, printer, or even more which bring us more convenience in resources sharing in household. And we do not need to copy one file from one another computer, or when we need to print a file, there’s no need to use a USB to store and put to the main machine with printer. The first step is to start up the main computer which we need to make it as the “hub” in our network; usually this main computer is the most powerful computer in our home. While for other computers and laptop, we need to make sure the proper installing of the hardware which connects via setup, or a wireless card to connect.

Then we need to check if the main computer is connecting to internet properly. If so, just connect the computer to a router. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll assume the setting up a wireless network, since those are most popular these days in a home-based environment. Put the router near the main computer, plug in, and connect the main computer with the router. There are four ports or six ports on the back of the router, plug the porter into port one.

After the router is connected to the main computer, check if the router is working properly and make sure if the wireless light is on. If so, it means the wireless is basically configured. It’s now time to setup the wizard on the windows vista.

Now let’s set the wizard on the windows vista. Click start upcontrol panel, then click Network and Internet, and then clicking Network and Sharing Center, at last, click “Set up a Wireless Router or Access Point”. In the left pane, click set up a connection or network, and then click set up a wireless router or access point. By the way, I would like to mention that don’t forget to set up a password for your wireless connect to protect the safety of the network. The wizard should be allowing you to add other computers and devices to the network. The final result should be a networking allowing the sharing of data.

Try to connect to internet via other computer to make sure the set-up is correctly. Of course, if we have set up a password, when other computer log in, they also need to type the password, we can save the password on our home computer.

At last, we need to check our connecting if we can share file between computers. The following steps can help us to enable the sharing:

a). Click start upcontrol panel, then click Network and Internet, and then clicking Network and Sharing Center to pen the Open the “Network and Sharing Center

b), if network discovery is off, click the arrow button to expand the section.

c), Click Turn on network discovery, and then click Apply.

Now, we can test each computer to make sure everything is working correctly. Hope above information can help you to set up your home network.
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Re: How to Set Up Home Network on Windows Vista?

Postby thomasvandyke » 2014-04-14 5:30

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