How to Delete Junk Files?

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How to Delete Junk Files?

Postby Ivy » 2012-09-27 2:57

As you use your computer, junk files can be built up on your computer. These files can take up much disk space and slow down computer performance with time goes on. Read on this post to learn how to delete junk files.


When you install a program, a folder about the program will be created to store the program files and you have no control over these files. But however, when you take action to uninstall the program, some program files in the folder stay on your computer without really uninstalled. With time goes on, folders and files are accumulated an pile up on your computer, taking up your disk space and slow download your computer performance.

Besides program junk files, temporary internet files may also slow down your computer performance dramatically. When you browser on a webpage, no matter what browser you use, the browser establishes a cache. The main purpose that browser creates caches is to offer you better surfing experience when you visit the webpage next time. It achieves this by recording pages, graphics and other files in the cache, but the browser ignore the fact that those files stored in the cache may slow down the computer performance.


Delete Junk Files:

You can take advantage of Disk Cleanup built into Microsoft Windows to clean up temporary files to free up disk space. The tool will scan for all system generated files that can be safely removed. Read more about how to use Disk Cleanup to clean temporary files.

1. Click on the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click the "Accessories" group to open it, and then click on the "System Tools" group. Finally, click "Disk Cleanup" to run the tool.


2. Select the drive that you want to clean. Choose the system driver and then click "OK" to continue. The disk cleanup tool will then scan the selected drive for system files that can be deleted.


3. Select the files that you want Disk Cleanup to remove and then click "OK" to continue the clean up process, Disk Cleanup will ask for your confirmation. Click on Delete files and the cleanup process will start.


4. After the progress bar fills up the Disk Cleanup window will disappear, and cleanup is complete.


Although Disk Cleanup can clean and remove temporary files quickly, bit it is only restricted on Internet temporary files. We would like highly recommend you take system optimization tool to speed up the PC performance. Cloud System Booster can sever you better in this aspect. Now download Cloud System Booster to clean up system temporary files as well as browser cache with just one-click.

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Re: How to Delete Junk Files?

Postby thepcdoctor » 2014-11-10 10:02

Hello, you can also delete junkfiles very easily with CCleaner and his extension CCEnhancer. If you have never heard from it, you can watch a tutorial with download link here:

CCEnhancer adds more than 1000 options to CCleaner to clean up junk files. It's makes your pc a bit faster, defenitly worth it!

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Re: How to Delete Junk Files?

Postby PetersonJohn » 2015-06-25 4:50

Junk files are temporary or unused files which are created by operating systems or other software during their installation and running process. These junk files slow down the PC speed so, we need to remove it from your computer system. You can easily remove these files manually or by using software like "Optimo Cleaner".

Delete unused files from Windows XP, follow given steps:-

1) Launch ‘Start’ menu >> ‘Programs’>> ‘Accessories’>> ‘System Tools’>>Launch the ‘Disk Cleanup Tool’.
2) Select the drive that you want to free up from junk files first.
3) You will be provided with list of unused files of that particular drive. Review the result and select ‘OK’ to remove them.
4) This similar process can be done for all drives.

From Windows 7, follow below steps:-
1) Launch ‘Start’ menu
2) Type ‘Disc Cleanup’ in search box to launch this utility tool.
3) Review the list of junk files and click ‘OK’ to delete them.
4) By using same process, all partition of hard disk can be cleaned from junk and unused files.

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Re: How to Delete Junk Files?

Postby crunchytricks » 2015-08-04 7:16

You can use Ccleaner or Clean master also for this purpose.

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Re: How to Delete Junk Files?

Postby 123andrew » 2016-05-12 1:15

I think CCleaner will also solve the purpose.

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