Antivirus Security Pro Host on Aware

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Antivirus Security Pro Host on Aware

Postby Ivy » 2013-08-27 1:28

Antivirus Security Pro is recently reported to be hosted on Please be aware of the malicious website. If you are accidently browsing the website, please shut it down immediately and never fall for downloading of Antivirus Security Pro fake program because you will infect your PC with rogue anti-spyware.

Screenshot of website:

      Antivirus Security Pro rogueware.jpg is designed by cyber criminals to scam users into believing that Antivirus Security Pro is a real and useful anti-malware program and is the official website of the Antivirus Security Pro. The purpose of this malicious website, we might guess, is to white listing this rogue in the eyes of users and with a sort of attempt to make users this that this program is decent and finally make random victim purchasing this Antivirus Security Pro rogueware. No matter how professional it looks like, Antivirus Security Pro is still a rogueware program due to its stealthy and malicious behavior.

Usually, computer users get Antivirus Security Pro installed on their computer without their content or knowledge. It is distributed via several means. Malicious website, website planted with Trojan or infected attachments and links which leading to malicious domain are the most usual tactic for cyber criminal to spread malicious content.

About Antivirus Security Pro fake anti-spyware program:

Antivirus Security Pro is categorized as rogueware program that claims to scan your computer for Virus, Trojan, spywares and malwares and display obvious fake malware detections and warnings. They then pop-up a new window informing you that you need to pay money to register the software or pay money to remove these non-existent threats from your computer and protect your PC from malware infection.

Screenshot of Antivirus Security Pro rogueware:


Antivirus Security Pro is very annoying and damaging that once get settled on your computer, you will be unable to run any program installed on your computer. When you try to start a program, it will be eliminated immediately by Antivirus Security Pro and then alert you a message that Program file is infected and you are suggested to buy full edition. Furthermore, it blocks your task manager and legitimate antivirus program and firewall and the same pop-up window will appear and ask some sort of fee. Once you click on and agree to buy the full version of Antivirus Security Pro, you will be promoted to to transfer your money to the online scammer.

Once again, or Antivirus Security Pro is a scam, you should never spend you money on this get-crasher under any circumstance, oppositely, you are highly encouraged to remove Antivirus Security Pro from your computer as soon as possible with Anvi Smart Defender.

      Anvi Smart Defender Download


For detail information about the removal instruction, please check How to Remove Antivirus Security Pro?(Rogueware Removal Guide)
Remove Antivirus Security Pro (Uninstall Instruction)
Antivirus Security Pro Manual and Automatic Removal Instruction

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ malicious website preventing tips: is very dangerous; it is also used to trick random victim into purchasing the fake anti-spyware program and you should by no means avoid this malicious website.

Anvi AD Blocker is designed to block and filter pop-up ads, flash ads, advertising banners, phishing, malicious ads and malicious URLs. It is a nimble security supplement to antivirus/antimalware programs as an added layer of computer protection. You are highly encouraged to use this ad blocker program to block and prevent any malicious link like


Download Anvi AD Blocker to filter and block potential malicious websites you intend to visit to give you proactive and maximum PC protection.

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