defender install button is disabled , why "?"

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defender install button is disabled , why "?"

Postby RonWolpa » 2014-07-27 8:29

the system (windiws xp) is infected with Genesis,
downloaded defender from ,as
I try to run the appliacation but the install button is disabled (not clickable),
under this circunstance could you explain how to run "?" thanks

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Re: defender install button is disabled , why "?"

Postby Autumn » 2014-07-28 3:06

Hi, could you please try to install Anvi Smart Defender in safe mode with networking by reading the following steps?

1 Reboot your computer to safe mode with networking.

Windows XP and Windows 7

Press and hold the F8 key as computer starts but before Windows launches.


Note: If pressing and holding the F8 key only gets you a stuck key message, which means you failed to reach the Windows Advanced Options Menu, you should tap the F8 key continuously instead to get the screen.

Windows 8

Restart into Advanced Startup options menu. Click Troubleshoot button>Advanced options. Under the Advanced option, click Startup settings. Click on the "Restart" button. Restart into Startup Settings screen. Press 5 to boot in Safe Mode with Networking.

2 Download and Install the Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware software.

3 Install and Launch the program.
Anvisoft Staff

Anvisoft Staff
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Re: defender install button is disabled , why "?"

Postby ConnieKeefe » 2014-12-29 0:48

Sure, I will. :)

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Postby Dansase » 2015-01-20 15:31

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Post a reply- AnviSoft

Postby Tetragpr » 2015-02-14 8:11

Sure, I will.

I think you are wrong . I'm sure. I can prove it . Write to me in PM.

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