How to increase C drive space?

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How to increase C drive space?

Postby Edg566ar » 2014-03-28 3:46

I recently get a “low disk space” message. It says there is no enough free space on my C drive and asks me to increase its space. But, I have tried to delete some unnecessary files and programs. That makes not sense. So, how can I increase my C drive space?
Do you have any idea? Just let me know soon, please! Thanks a lot!

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Re: How to increase C drive space?

Postby Ivy » 2014-03-28 4:12

Hi and welcome to Anvisoft forum. I highly recommend you refer to following instructions to free up space on the hard disk.

Check disk space
Open My Computer (Computer , in Windows Vista) using one of the following methods:
Windows Vista/7 . Click Start and then click Computer .
Windows XP . Click Start and then click My Computer .
Right-click the main hard drive (usually (C:)), and click Properties .
Click the General tab, and find the amount of free space that is available on the hard disk drive.

If there is less than 5% of total hard drive space available, free up hard drive space. To make more space on the hard drive, follow the instructions in the following documents based on your Windows version:
If you have more than 5% of total hard drive space available, the work being performed is requiring too much resources for the amount of space available on the hard drive. The following list shows examples of work that can cause these messages:
Copying files from a CD to the hard drive, when there is not enough free space.
Working with large graphic files, such are those created when using a scanner.
Recording TV or Video programs on the computer.
To resolve the errors, free up as much space as possible, and then try to reduce file sizes when you are working.

1> Empty the Recycle Bin
2>Delete temporary files and directories
3> Defrag your hard drive.

Please try the Anvi Ultimate Defrag to solve the issue.
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Re: How to increase C drive space?

Postby Isaac6197 » 2014-03-30 22:24

In my personal experiences, you often have three ways to go on:

1). Delete some unnecessary files or programs on your C drive to free the drive space.
You can have many ways to free your C drive space.

2). Extend your C drive in Disk Management
Back up everything important on another drive, shrink your E drive and extend your C drive by right clicking it in Disk Management.

3). Apply some partition resizing tools.
If you are not so familiar about the partition resizing tuffs, you can directly use some partition resizing tools like IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, GParted and EaseUS Partition Master, etc.

PS: No matter which way you choose to use, always back up everything important well before resizing partition in case of data loss.

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Re: How to increase C drive space?

Postby isiah » 2014-04-06 21:41

backup the important files, then use relevant software to adjust partition. Hope it can help you.

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