Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Any test report on Anvi Smart Defender can be posted here.

Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby Michelle » 2012-01-05 1:01

Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S


Only test reports submitted before January 15, 2012 can be calculated as valid reports.

Top two valuable test report owners will be rewarded an iPhone 4s respectively.

No cheating. If you cheated on this test, you will be disqualified.

Winners will be announced on January 16, 2012.

Post your test review and edit your review title as the format as "Your Name + Review Title"


The top two are determined by the number of votes and their test reports’ value appraised by us.

Wish you good luck in winning your free iPhone 4S. Wish Anvisoft burns users' computers! :lol:

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Bailey Calder - Suggestions and Review

Postby BaileyCalder » 2012-01-07 4:00


I've been using this beta 1 program for 5 days now and it crashed. It then allowed me to send a bug report and the bug was fixed the next day.
The problem was that windows 8 developer preview blocks some programs accessing the registry and that crashed smart defender when I did a full system scan.
I was surprised on how fast bugs can be fixed after i sent the report to the Developers via the bug report application that opens when ASD closes.

99% of people use Shortcuts on the desktop to access there program, browser, email ect...
so scanning shortcuts would be wonderful.
My internet explorer is supposed to point to the target path C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Let's say virus.exe infected my Internet Explorer shortcut to open a fake av in C:\Program Files\SecurityFAKE\virus.exe
try to make a scanner that will try to scan a shortcut with the filename
Internet and make sure it points to the vaild target

GUI: 9/10
Detection rate: 5/10
User Friendly: 9/10
Full system scan speed: 961115 items in 9 minutes and 54 seconds
- Scan Downloaded files and see if it has been uploaded and scanned by the cloud.
(Ill explain what this new feature should do..)

1.ok im downloading a program thats new and unknowm
2.Anvisoft should scan the downloaded file and see if it is bad or good.
3.if it is not bad or good then it is unknown and it should prompt you with this window below

This image below was coded by me.
this will gain a faster growing cloud database
Image <--- Windows 8 Developer Preview
- Auto tune-up.
- bypass user account control
- put in a built in tutorial to show what each function does
- NEW SETTING - automatically delete threats
- vulnerability scanner (checks for vulnerabilities in software in your computer)
- change how much behavior control is affective (just like changing heuristics level in)
- a way to see recently uploaded to cloud files
- and a report false positive button
- IM Shield
- Homepage Shield
- password protect settings or use capture
- changing skins -- i saw this file path for the skins C:\Program Files\Anvisoft\Anvi Smart Defender\skin
- reset to default settings
- for the optimization add to it "Defrag registry"

I went onto and downloaded some malware. On of them disabled the startup of ASD and i would like a "FIX Startup" button on a NEW!! tab called tools.
and this will put all the startup entries again in the registry. (What a new tab i mean where te Scan, Cloud, Guard, Optimize, Update)

I like the way how malwarebytes has chameleon technology maybe create something similar to this
PS if you don't know what chameleon technology then go to the YouTube link

I plan to add more suggestions later
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Merge all three products together into a suite after Release-Candidate and call it AnviSoft Extreme Smart
PM me if you link my idea
1.Anvi Smart Defender
2.Cloud System Booster
3.Game Fire

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Bartek anvi smart defender review 1

Postby bartek » 2012-01-07 10:46

I really like this product, it does a great job!
It's scan speed is very fast.The detection rates are not bad, GUI is awesome.completely user friendly!
It's Easy to run in a one click mode, still enough options hidden under the hood to make the advanced settings.
But,I can not find a place to select languages, let's say polish? Does this feature supported now?it should be supported.

The real time guard is powerful.but in the files guard test i meet a problem:
when i unzip a bunch of malware samples,ASD will warning on every detected sample and let me select how to handle it again and again.
There should have a option,let's say:apply this to every detections,to let me use the same way to handle every detections.

By the way,The results of the detection removing is unreadable!
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Bartek anvi smart defender review2

Postby bartek » 2012-01-08 5:36

The privacy cleaner works great,but seems only support IE,
recommand to add support to FireFox and Google Chrome

Your cloud scan is seems the cloud detection rate is better than the static fingerprint database in my test.
It's not convenient enough to upload file one by one.As a user, we do not know which file need cloud scan.
we should NOT know this.
so recommand to add a option to use cloud database when the host can connect to your server.
static database only used when there is no internet connection.
there is tiny problem about the fingerprint update's 01/08/2012,instead of 00/08/2012.right?

it works just fine with avira antivrius.
And its realtime protection is as powerful as avira.
but,When the ADS file guard detect a dangerous file, it should deny the access permission.
because the detected file can still be accessed in my test.

1,add privacy clean to Firefox and Google Chrome or other browser you like.
2,add option to use cloud scan by default.static database only used when internet is offline.
3,deny the access permission on the dangerous file.


1,user friendly again.
I want to say more.
I've try to make a competition test and I try random pick some from
then i download the spybot, i even do not knwo how to use it at first,shit.I like anvi smart defender.
I've learnd something may useful for ASD,
In the ignore list, could you please add a filter for file extensions.
let's say i have many many videos on my pc they are named mp4,flv,etc,i want to ignore all of them.
can this save my time?

2,A another part of lightweight of Anvi smart defender.
I have again made a short test between Avira and Anvi smart defender based on the realtime protection.
I know they are very different.
when both of them detected a malware,and i select remove/delete
For Avira,it pop up a window,show the progress,and wait almost 30s,then complete.
But for anvi smart defender,u guess what?
it quickly delete the malware,just after i push the button.

I've made two seperate videos to show the lightweight real time guard of Anvi smart defender vs Avira.
I plan to cat them together to show the difference,but on of my video which only shows the lightweight realtime guard of ASD but is embedded by:
I think it's not good enough,because there is no difference showen.only the lightweight of ASD.
So i cat them togther and upload again.see the link:
3, Two points about cloud scan.
i.when the dangerous file report by cloud, you guys shoud deny the access also.
ii.when i upload a file to cloud, if there meet a network error or cancel in the progress,can you provide a retransmit button?you know what i mean.
Look forward the RC.

add two points about cloud scan.
1,one can drag and drop many file a time ,but only one file one time with push the upload button.
2,I've do many cloud tests found that it seems there are only three status of the result,
safe, suspicious, dangerous.
if am not luck enough to meet more status,tell my.
in my opinion a file is dangerous should be removed right?could you tell where can i find the definition of these three status?
should it be a new feature?
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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby shadow » 2012-01-11 10:43

By shadow
Test - Smart Defender Ram/Memory Impact
Anvisoft Smart Defender In testing using Process Explorer Tool too benchmark results . Shows that at Idle with no G.U.I.initiated and only notepad and this Tool opened at the time of this results.The Two exe Processes have minium impact on Computer performance ASDTray.exe uses only 572kb on average, While it's ASDSrve.exe comes in at a steady 14,372kb. Subsequantly with The G.U.I. Kb usage of the three exe of Anvisoft Smart Defender is as follows, ASDTray.exe - 4,404kb, ASDSrv.exe - 14,388kb, and ASD.exe - 18,344kb. Total impact 37,136kb. Which is well within in perimeters of the top of the line Antivirus/ Antimalware Applications on the market Today. Also during scanning the ASDTray.exe and ASDSrv.exe remained at previous levels and the ASD.exe rose to 21,420kb, totaling impact of 40,212kb. On subsequant scans I noticed that a spike was occuring in ram usage the ASD.exe was going up each time by 280kb- 392kb even after closure of the G.U.I. This leads me to believ that there is a possible memory leak that needs addressing if that is not already underway by the development team concerning this Beta.
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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby shadow » 2012-01-15 19:02

By shadow
Functionality Review

Installation of Anvisoft Smart Secuity on My PC which is running Windows 7 Professional (64bit) was lightning quick at about 10-12 seconds. The G.U.I. Launches quickly and is easy to navigate as well as appealing to the eye. The prompts are crisp unlike some applications. They open all the Menus with speed and accuracy. The designers have eliminated the need for speed, from the Scan Engine, to the Powerful Protection based on Cloud Technology, and the lightning fast functions of Anvisoft's Intuitive Interface. Plus the incredible Optimizer with Memory Sweep that makes Your Machine more snappier by eliminating clutter on your Harddrive . One would think that with Great Power and Speed comes Great Cost. Well It does, it is the endless hours of the dediction and conviction by the Development Team of Anvisoft to deliver to You the Ultimate Security Application at no fee to You. " Anvisoft where Innovative Security is created in the Revolutionary Vision of the Cloud ".
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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby GavinB » 2012-11-21 1:46

Will you guys be doing any more Beta testing? If so, where can I find out about signing up? I would like to participate, especially if you guys are doing contests along with the beta testing. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby Ivy » 2012-11-26 1:03

Hi Gavin,
Welcome to Anvisoft officials forums. Probably we will do more beta testing contest about our programs. But I am not sure.
When we plan to hold a contest, we will release the news in our official forums. :D

Thanks a lot for your internet. We appreciate your support to Anvisoft software.

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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby ArlettePullen » 2013-09-06 22:47

good articles
i like Dames AIR MAX 90 Hyperfuse W009 Wit Grijs Rood

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Re: Join ASD Beta Test Contest to Win iPhone 4S

Postby Ivy » 2013-09-09 2:06

ArlettePullen wrote:good articles

Thanks for support.
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