Dino - ASD Test Review

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Dino - ASD Test Review

Postby dinodsja » 2012-03-12 4:28

I know, its too late.. because i found this beta test contest only two days before. and i tested the rc2 version...


GUI : 9/10

Speed & Memmory Usage : 8/10

Virus Detection : 6/10

Overall : 7/10


-> ASD not detecting any virus if the program terminated and start again. untill the computer restarts. (sometimes)

-> ASD not even detecting on EICAR antivirus test file, maybe on above situation.

-> If skin folder is deleted or renamed, the whole program crashed. better to keep the skin files in a single encrypted file.

-> i simply renamed the background file or if any skin file missing then that part of the program goes wrong. for a product standard avoid this kind of skin files access.

-> the database file is readable and editable. it needs to be encrypted.

-> i check with many virus files and ASD detects only some of them. *

-> ASD not detecting virus inside compressed files (rar)


-> too many individual core files, that a cracker can easily access. avoid it.

-> ui colour theme option.

-> web protection system ( allowing and blocking website by category )

-> need usb autorun disabling & virus detection

-> need a firewall system monitoring network activities

-> scan memory at start up to detect unwanted programs

-> scanning file size limit (user can set the scanning file size and file type, eg : user set 300mb. then scanning skips files larger than user defined size and file types. )

-> in home screen , a small notificaion about last scan.

-> show warning if a program is not digitally signed by trusted software vendors

-> a optional background scanning system other than real time scanning, the program will preform the full system scan without using too much memmory.. to perform when watching movies, etc..

-> introduce a new system to detect social network scams and virus. (eg: an alert to user that the webpage contains a scam. or something like that.)

-> drag and drop file scanning

-> for program security , check wheather any core files missing or modified on program start up.

-> on privacy clean add support to other browsers. option to clean complete internet activity of all browsers in one click.

-> check the system rapidly for optimization. and alert the user that the system needs a optimization, also auto optimization.

-> current system statistics graph

-> a sleep mode, and option to switch automatically to sleep mode when larger programs like games, video rendring.. etc..

-> check hard disk and ram for errors and optimize.

-> option to remove/edit start up programs, (from both registry & startup folder)

-> a windows side widget for ASD

* I have a windows virus collection rar file. it contains around 40 virus programs. contact me if ASD wants it for testing. i cant attach it here..

hope this helps ASD to improve. and i looking forward for a prize if this helps ASD. :)


Dino Babu
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Re: Dino - ASD Test Review

Postby Rats » 2012-03-12 6:10

Thank you for your Suggestions

drag and drop file scanning dose work if you turn off User Account Control ,

need a firewall system monitoring network activities Thanks but no, ASD is a Anti malware not a anti virus suite
and is meant to work with your current security not as a stand alone product.

Your Suggestions have been passed on to the development team
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