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Anvisoft-Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.2 has been released

PostPosted: 2013-08-12 22:24
by Ivy
After about three weeks’ hard work, today we are glad to announce that Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.2 is ready. This version is aiming to solve all the problems and bugs found based on previous version. At this very moment, please allow me to express my sincere apologize and thanks to those users who send us feedback and report us problems to help Anvi Smart Defender get improved, my thanks also to those users who support us and give us opportunity to correct the program.

In this new version, all reported bugs and problems are solved. Hope you guys can still support us and enjoy this version.

Changes and improvements about Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.2:

Fixed bug that program failed to delete any detected, occupied malicious file;

Fixed real-time guard bug that blocked files which have been added in white list;

Fixed bug that time duration didn’t show correctly when delete detected malware in demand scan.

Added languages-Chinese Simplified, Bulgarian.


Want to learn more detail about Anvi Smart Defender, please visit

    We highly recommend you download and enjoy the new version of the program.