Why is my Gaming PC running so slow?

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Why is my Gaming PC running so slow?

Postby candy » 2012-01-10 3:15

The Specs for my Vantage X11 Advanced X-Station are

8gb DDR3 RAM
1tb Disk Space
ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series Graphics Card
32 Bit Operating System
AMD Athlon II x2 255 Processor 310 GHz

It runs Avast! Anti Spyware, and McAfee for Virus Protection and I have Advance System Care 4 for Defragmentation, Privacy sweeps, Registry fixes, And Malware Removal.

Recently my PC have literally just went slow over night, even if i try to just play Minecraft on Single Player it crashes, Facebook crashes if i try to have more than 1 tab open whilst its open. Its a strain because I'm a gamer in my spare time, and i dont know a way around this, and I certainly dont want to throw away a $700 Gaming PC :/

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Re: Why is my Gaming PC running so slow?

Postby Blake » 2012-01-10 4:19

Avast, Anti Spyware and McAfee may make a mistake to delete some system files, or shut down the system service during the process of canning.

Anvi Smart Defender is recommended.

Good luck.

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Re: Why is my Gaming PC running so slow?

Postby Randy Schrecengost » 2016-05-06 16:59

The 32 - Bit Operating system you have installed, will not utilize the 8.00GB Ram(Memory) it will in fact limit the memory to only 3.5GB

Problem #2 the CPU, the AM3 Amd Athlon II 255 (3.1GHZ)....Yes it's in fact a dual core cpu, 2 cores, 2 logical processors, and seemingly would work fine, but for some reason this processor is soooooo slow, reminds me of a Pentium 4(HT) from the old socket 478, i really dont know why, i even bought a zalman aftermarket cooler for it, and under load it runs 29-33 degrees celsius! Equipped with 8.00GB DDR3 Memory, and a Nice Pci Express graphics card (Radeon 7750 XFX Ghost Edition) (2GB)
This processor is just soooo slow, it takes forever to load things, and i know its the processor, because its constantly at 100% load, which is not good, when just opening web browser, folders, simple mechanics, makes it run at 100% and its bottlenecking the rest of the system...... Although the WD Blue 7200rpm hard drive could be causing "Some" of this slowness, its most definitely a very dissapointing processor to say the least, and i have had AMD Cpus that were only dual core, and albeit a slower clock speed then the Amd Athlon II 255(3.1GHZ) and they have by far outperformed this chip....it is just a crappy chip, not so much on paper(specs wise) but in reality it is soooo slow!
Randy Schrecengost

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