How to Remove Play Now Radio Popup Ads (Removal Guide)

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How to Remove Play Now Radio Popup Ads (Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2014-04-18 3:46

This article is tailored to address the problem of Play Now Radio popup ads in web browser. A step by step removal guide is here to help you get rid of the annoying Play Now Radio popup ads and related adware. Read for more.

From an netizen,
I recently made a rookie mistake and Installed software I was unsure of by mistake. This has lead to my Google chrome search engine to be changed to gophotoit or something like that. I think I have rectified this problem but I have found that there is an underlying problem of something called play now radio which is bringing all kinds of pop ups and adware to my internet browser. I have removed and installed all the software and extensions I can see but the ads still arise. I am using Windows 8.1 ... I have ran multiple scans and it has found nothing wrong with my system. ....

What is Play Now Radio Popup?

Play Now Radio popup is actually caused by adware or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) infection that makes its way to modify the system files and insert its browser extension into web browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome to display various ads. Often, using social engineering tricks, the Play Now Radio popups is distributed to promote unwanted downloads or even spread threats. Be aware.

The screenshot:
        play now video ads.jpg

Once affected by the adware or PUP infection, you will suffer from an influx of various advertisements to jam your web searches, as well as other potential inconvenience and risks like search redirects, homepage hijacking, degraded browser performance and more possibilities to get infected by more adware or even malware online. So, take care and if this is your case, you can use below removal guide to return your system clean and safe.

Distribution and Prevent

Usually, the Play Now Radio popups come as a result of installing some adware or PUP like Yontoo, CouponBuddy, DealPly, Delta toolbar, Babylon Toolbar. Therefore it makes sense to read carefully what the setup wizards for free applications included, however the presence of bad extras may sometimes not be clearly stated at all.

To prevent the Play Now Radio popups, you are advised to read the terms and conditions when you decide to install some freeware downloaded from the Internet. During the install, always opt for custom install and always pay close inspection to those pre-checked items to make sure no other bundled or unwanted items installed. If anything unexpected found, you are highly encouraged to reconsider the install and find an alternative that is clean and safe. Good luck and be safe online.

How to Remove Play Now Radio Popup Ads (Removal Guide)

This is a comprehensive guide and the solution is provided for free while the advanced steps are also offered for alternative choice. Please completely the removal in suggested order. If any question in the process, please stop and get in touch.

Removal guide outlined:

    Step 1. Uninstall suspicious adware or unwanted programs from computer
    Step 2. Remove related or unwanted browser add-on
    Step 3. Remove tracking cookies, junk leftovers and maintain system performance
    Step 4. Run antimalware scan to remove any potential infectious components
    Step 5. Block malicious websites and popup ads using Anvi Ad Blocker


Step 1. Uninstall suspicious adware or unwanted programs from computer

Note: To completely fix the issue, you need to remove all PUP related .

For Win 8 users: Click Windows key > Start Menu > Control Panel , Find and click dubious program related, click Uninstall.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click Start windows key > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program, find and locate dubious program related to right click the item, click Uninstall/Change. If there comes an confirmation, click Yes to proceed.

For Windows xp: Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, find and click dubious programs related, and then right click the item to click Remove to proceed the uninstall.


Alternatively, you can also use the Anvi Uninstaller, integrated in Cloud System Booster (a system cleaner) which will be in use latter, which will list all your recently installed programs and provide advanced uninstall solutions.

1. Download and install Cloud System Booster.

Free version:

Get Pro version :

2. Start it and click on Toolbox at the bottom of the main screen to access where you can locate Anvi Uninstaller to Download and Run.

3. Locate the Recent Installed tab and then find the related programs to uninstall.


Note: The related PUPs would be multiple. Ensure uninstall all PUPs related.

If any confirmation prompt appears, proceed it right to continue.

Then you will see similar windows as shown in below images:



Please note that here the process 3 is only available for Pro version users. This step can help you clean out those left files, mainly registry entries of the uninstalled PUP.

And if you want this, you can conveniently purchase the Cloud System Booster here:

Step 2. Remove related or unwanted browser add-on and do necessary browser repair

In Internet Explorer:
Open Internet Explorer, go Settings icon or Tools > Manage Add-ons > Toolbar and Extensions tab. Search through there for any dubious or unwanted add-ons to remove.

In Mozilla Firefox:
Open Mozilla Firefox, click Firefox button > Add-ons > Extensions tab. Search through there for any suspiciously related or unwanted browser add-on to remove. Please note, you need also check up the Plugin tab on the add-ons menu to ensure no malicious plugin stay.

In Google Chrome:
Open Google Chrome, click Customize and Control Google Chrome icon > Tools > Extensions to find any unwanted or related browser extension to remove.

PS: If any other browser repair needed, you can do conventional removal. Otherwise, you can just reset your web browser to default settings to clean all once and for all as instructed in this article: Browser Problems Fix-Reset IE/FF/Chrome to Default Settings.
Alternately, you can use Cloud System Booster to scan out all inserted browser plugins in IE, Firefox and Chrome to remove unwanted and related browser add-ons efficiently.

1. Download and install Cloud System Booster

Please note, this Toolbar Manager featured is only for Cloud System Booster pro version. If you want to use this feature, you can get the pro version here:

This way is highly recommended for users who have multiple web browsers installed. Otherwise, you can also choose to manually remove related add-ons from IE/Firefox/Chrome. –browser add-on Manual Removal

2. Start the program and click Toolbox at the bottom of the interface, locate the sidebar in the left to find Toolbar Manager icon as shown in below to open Toolbar Manager


3. Click Scan button to scan out related add-on and other unwanted browser extensions to remove.


4. Select unwanted add-ons in IE, Firefox and Chrome Click Remove to delete all.

PS: If any other browser repair needed, you can do conventional removal. Otherwise, you can just reset your web browser to default settings to clean all once and for all as instructed in this article: Browser Problems Fix-Reset IE/FF/Chrome to Default Settings.


Step 3. Remove tracking Cookies, junk leftovers and Maintain System Performance

See to remove the tracking cookies since there would be cookies associated to secure your online privacy.

Tips: Before the cookies removal, you’d better backup your important personal information like some important username and passwords.

Besides, PUP install and adware popup can jam the system and degrade the system performance. It is necessary to clean the system from all those junks. Yet, you can use some system cleaner like Cloud System Booster for both tasks ( cookies cleaning and junks removal).

1. Download and install.

Cloud System Booster download:

2. Click Disk Cleaner button on the main screen and then on the left navigator, locate the web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome that you use, and then select item of removing cookies. It is recommended to select all web browsers that you have on your PC.

2. Click Home button to back on home page and click Quick Care button and the system maintenance begins.

Step 4. Full Scan the Computer to Remove Hidden Risky Components from Computer

Generally speaking the uninstall and the browser repair will heal the adware problem.However, antimalware scanning wouldn’t hurt since many adware or adware related infection show malicious traits to harm the system as well. Here we use the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender by Anvisoft as an example for demonstration purpose.

1. Download and install Anvi Smart Defender

Free version download:

Get Pro version:

(Pro version can provide more protection to help the computer immune to future threats alike.)

2. Click the Scan module-> Full Scan button.

3. Remove the malicious results scanned by Anvi Smart Defender antimalware.


Step 5. Block malicious websites and popup ads using Anvi Ad Blocker

Here you may also choose the Anvi Ad Blocker to help you block this sites by adding the URL to its blacklist. Besides this tool provides a huge online database to help you filter most malicious/phishing websites and annoying advertisements.

Anvi AD Blocker download:

Please note this is a trial version of Anvi Ad Blocker for 15 days free use. If you want it for longer time, you can conveniently buy it here.


>> See more on Safer Surf Online with Anvi AD Blocker

Not only this tool can help you block those malicious, phishing websites and most advertisements to reduce risks of getting infected, but also it can assist you in filtering those unwanted URLs by adding the URL into its black list.

To block unwanted websites using Anvi AD Blocker, you can follow below instructions on the image:


Good luck and be safe online.
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