How to Get Rid of Ads by Freeven from Your Web Browser?

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How to Get Rid of Ads by Freeven from Your Web Browser?

Postby Ivy » 2014-03-11 3:48

Get pop-up ads by Freeven when browsing website like eBay, Amazon, Wlarmart, etc…? Seek for solution for the Freeven pop-up ads? This post contains step-to-step instruction how to remove ads by Freeven. Please read more.

What is Freeven?

Freeven is a free browser add-on or extension that has been optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is claiming to improve the web by providing the best tools to enhance the browsing experience, from searching the web to comparing online deals to find the best prices. Browser with Freeven installed will display compared search result and discount coupons bought by Freeven to enable you to save money when you shop online.

Sound really nice, right? Actually, Freeven is practically useless. The compared search result has noting to do with the actual search while the pop-up coupon code bought by Freeven also can’t help you to save money if you really need to purchase items from eBay or Amazon.

Freeven is categorized as potentially unwanted program namely adware. The main purpose of this software is to promote advertisement, attack web traffic and increase sales via alluring you clicking on the pop-up coupon brought by Freeven. In order to achieve the purpose, it needs to collect the personal information, such as the search query, IP address, and more. Browser with Freeven installed with experience following symptoms:

a) Pop-up coupons present on the eBay, Amazon, and Walmart page.
b) Pop-up ads present on the right-side of the page when browser online.
c) Other ads take up the entire screen of your computer.
d) Compared search result present when you search with Google or yahoo.

Below are screenshot of the pop-up coupons and ads, see for your reference:

        ads by Freeven.jpg

How to Get Rid of Ads by Freeven from Your Web Browser?

Quick Removal Guide outlined:

Step 1 > Uninstall Freeven browser add-on from your Windows Control Panel.

Step 2 > Remove Freeven browser Toolbar plug-in, toolbar, add-on, extension from IE/Firefox.

Step 3 > Run Anti-malware scan to eliminate malicious file related to Freeven adware.

To get rid of Freeven virus from your web browser, please follow instruction below. Should you have any problem, please leave a reply below. We will try our best to reply you as soon as possible.

Step 1 > Uninstall Freeven virus from your Windows Control Panel.

• For Windows 8, open the Start screen, type Uninstall and then go to Settings. In the search results, go to Uninstall a program.

• For Windows 7 and Vista, open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program

• For Windows XP, open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs

Select Freeven from the listed program and then click uninstall.


Alternatively, uninstall Freeven with Anvi Uninstaller

1. Download and install Cloud System Booster which provides you fee tool Anvi Uninstaller.


2. Open the program and click Toolbox > Download Anvi Uninstall and then run it.


3. Search for items Freeven select click Uninstall. You are highly encouraged to check program in “Recently Installed” list and remove any suspicious programs.


Step 2 > Remove Freeven Toolbar plug-in, toolbar, add-on, extension from IE/Firefox.

Remove Freeven from Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tools> Manage Add-ons >>select Toolbars and Extensions, disable the Freeven toolbar related extensions and any other unknown add-ons.

Remove Freeven from Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to Tools → Add-ons. Select Extensions. Choose Freeven toolbar Click on Disable or Remove button to remove it.

Remove Freeven from Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome, click on Chrome menu button. Go to Tools → Extensions, select Freeven toolbar and click trashcan icon to remove it.

Alternatively, scanning and removing malicious toolbar Freeven from your web browser by Anvi Slim Toolbar

The Anvi Slim Toolbar included in Cloud System Booster professional version will scan and remove malicious toolbar installed without your content on your web browsers that include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

              Cloud System Booster Pro version


To remove the malicious toolbar or extension which may cause the Freeven pop-up ads, please open the Cloud System Booster, click on the up-pointing arrow and go to Cloud System Booster drop-down page, clicking on the slim toolbar and then the program will scan automatically the toolbars installed on IE/FF/Chrome.


After the scan, please remove the detected malicious toolbar; please make sure to remove the same toolbar installed on your other web browser.


Step 3 > Run Anti-malware scan to eliminate malicious file related to Freeven adware.

Anvi Smart Defender is brand new anti-malware software to detect, block and remove latest malware threats including Trojan, ransomware, worms, backdoors and malicious adware.



After you download and install the program, please open it, and switch to Scan tab, perform quick or full scan to eliminate Freeven Virus infection file. Once the scan complete, please make sure to click “Remove” button to completely remove the malicious files from your computer.
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