How to Remove Smart PC Cleaner (Removal Guide)

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How to Remove Smart PC Cleaner (Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2012-11-13 2:31

Smart PC Cleaner is considered as a rouge security program among some people. Some mention that this tool is a scam program that does nothing to issue warning and alerts once inside the PC. However, while scanning the computer that has Smart PC Cleaner installed, not every antivirus or anti-malware program flagged it as harmful. It came out in the clean list for some scans.

Based on some complaints we have gathered from various security forums, most computer users who come across Smart PC Cleaner assert that it is useless software. In addition, people state that the program has entered the computer without their knowledge. In this case, it may have come bundled with other programs coming from unknown sources.

Similar to other adware that is harmless in nature, Smart PC Cleaner may be installed without your knowledge. In most situations, downloading and installing web enhancement tool may be the culprit A number of adware can be removed from the system through add/remove function in Windows control panel. If there is no entry for the Smart PC Cleaner, anti-malware software will flag it as fraud, therefore, it can be removed from the computer by running a full scan of antimalware tool.


If Smart PC Cleaner infiltrates in, you will observe pop-up screen, scanners, and alerts from the program, The screenshots of it are shown below:




Step-by-step Removal Guide for Smart PC Cleaner

1. Boot the computer to safe mode with networking. To do this, please constantly tapping the F8 key during the start process till this brings up the Advanced Windows Options Menu and then use the arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option there. Press Enter.


2. Download, install the automatic remover-Anvi Smart Defender to scan out and remove the residing files of the infection. Please note, after the download and install, make sure the Anvi Smart Defender is set to scan the rootkit as well by clicking settings shown as below. And then click OK to save the change and close the window to run this scanner.

Anvi Smart Defender download link:


3. Restart the computer to normal mode and the computer would be all right now.

Recommended step > After the virus removal, we highly recommend you clean up the entire computer OS using a system cleaner/optimizer like Cloud System Booster. Rogueware like Smart PC Cleaner often invades the computer by entering registry entries and modifying the system files. Even after the malware remover helps get rid of it, chances are some invalid registry files or leftovers are still there to drag down the computer running speed or even worse to cause system errors like blue screen of death.

Clear off the junk files and registry errors in your computer OS with Cloud System Booster now. Click here to learn more.

Protect Your Computer from Smart PC Cleaner and Similar Malware Infections

You may keep Anvi Smart Defender onto your computer for an extra layer of online security together with your antivirus program. This cloud-based malware scanner can provide you with positive defending strategies with a daily updated database to keep up with the latest online threats.

Also to better secure your online activities, you are supposed to at least turn on the security features of your web browsers. See detailed steps to turn on security features of IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Good luck and be safe online.
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Re: How to Remove Smart PC Cleaner (Removal Guide)

Postby Optimo Pro » 2013-10-23 4:52

You can remove Smart PC Cleaner from your computer via control panel.You can also try Optimo Pro PC cleaner.
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Re: How to Remove Smart PC Cleaner (Removal Guide)

Postby » 2014-12-05 4:24

For windows 8 press "windows+R" key to open the run window.
In run window type "control panel"
press "enter"

For windows 7 click start > control panel > program and features

For windows XP click Start > setting > control pannel > add and remove programs.
from the program list find and remove - uninstall the cleaner application.

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