How to Remove File Restore Virus (Removal Guide)

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How to Remove File Restore Virus (Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2012-10-18 2:48

File restore rogue scams make a comeback. Some HDD warnings or system errors warnings constantly appear on the computer? Read this post to learn more about such File restore virus related fake alerts and corresponding removal tips.

File restore virus is a new version of fake hard drive defragmentation utility. It is the direct successor of File Recovery malware previously spreading in cyberspace to do tricks on computer users worldwide. Typically, such computer infections masquerade to be real system optimizer tools, but actually serving the evil purposes and fraudulent goals. It sneaks into computer to scare users with imitation of PC system scan and its subsequent report that gives a lot of deceitful information about the condition of your system. So just be careful and take extra caution if you catch sight of some strange warnings frequently appearing on your computer. Below you will see just some of these tricky warnings there for precaution.


    1. File Restore Trojan is sneaky. The infiltration process can be totally invisible and this malware just can be first preceded by the following scaring notification:


    2. All files, folders, desktop icons, shortcuts, documents, programs and other data at the computer suddenly disappear. However, they are still there. The virus simply set up the hidden attributes to all the above-mentioned data and, in addition, relocated it to other specifically designated locations on your hard drive (which are also hidden, by the way). As you see, the moment of initial launching of File Restore malware is very scary for all users who can’t find their important files that are missing by the fault of this nasty trojan.

    3. Later on, after the above-mentioned scary notification, another alert comes up, saying this:


    4. Finally, after you encounter several of such scary alerts preceding the appearance of the rogue, the very GUI of File Restore virus comes up. This is when the rogue begins to perform the fake scan of your system and to tell a lot of lies about various errors detected. Below are to name a few the above-mentioned bogus error messages, alerts and notifications of File Restore malware:








As you see, the bunch of such scary alerts, warnings and popups of File Restore is very pushy. The reason for such a brainwashing campaign being run by this hoax is to convince you to buy its licensed version (so called activation code of File Restore) in order to fix all those above-said problems. You do have a problem of missing data, but just remember that it was caused by this File Restore virus. Thus, this application acts totally opposite to its name. Instead of restoring your file it hides them, relocates them to other hidden destinations and doesn’t allow you use your PC in a convenient and common manner anymore. And as for those system, hard drive and memory errors reported by File Restore virus, they are simply invented and do not really and fairly characterize your system. So even if you pay that useless yet harmful program scam, you can get nothing good but even potentially more loss of your financial account details. All in all, if anyone unfortunately encounters such nasty infection, just be calm and instantly find a solution to get rid of it. But further importantly, everyone is supposed to have the computer well-protected with powerful security suite like powerful antivirus program + firewall + antimalware tool. (Anvi Smart Defender is focused on malware detection, removal and prevention, get it now).

To remove File Restore virus infection in computer Windows OS, please follow below steps now:

File Restore virus removal tool:

File Recovery Virus killer+ Anvi Smart Defender

Convenient tools to restore the system performance after the virus removal: Unhide.exe

Removal Steps:

    1. There is a special killer to efficiently do you a favor to kill the evil processes of File restore virus.

    Download it here: File Recovery Virus killer.exe (due to the likeness between the File restore virus and File recovery virus, this tool can also apply to File restore virus removal). After the download, double click it to run it and kill the process.

    2. Download, install Anvi Smart Defender (direct download) to full scan the system, remove the detected threats relate to make sure the computer is clean from any remnants of this infection.

    To ensure all hidden files due to the infection come back for normal use, download below tools to run and efficiently fix the issue:

    Unhide.exe free download.

    After the download, double click it to run.

During the process, if any question, feel free to get in touch.

Recommended> After the virus removal, we recommend you clean up the entire computer OS to get faster PC running. Then a nimble tool like Cloud System Booster is what you need for convenient. This system optimizer is integrated with advanced Cloud technology to assist you fully clean up the whole OS with just one click. Try it now.


Protect Your Computer from File Restore Virus and Similar Infections Online

Usually File recovery alike infections spread out via exploiting system vulnerabilities or via Trojans. So everyone should take cautious before opening an email attachment, a suspicious link or websites, or any other online activities. Besides, it is always a savvy idea to get the computer well protected with powerful security tools like antivirus or antimalware. Then you may just keep that Anvi Smart Defender to positively defend your computer against various online threats.

Additionally, to better secure your online activities, you can also take all advantages of browser security features. See detailed guide to turn on security features of IE, Google Chrome and Firefox here.

Good luck and be safe online.

Screenshots of File Restore malware infections for reference



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