How to Get Rid of from IE/Chrome/Firefox?

This section is committed to offer guide on how to remove Google redirect virus.

How to Get Rid of from IE/Chrome/Firefox?

Postby Ocean » 2013-04-01 4:10

My browser homepage is changed without my consent, and new tab page start continuously rerouting to How to fix the problem? Is there any way to permanently get rid of this hijacker? Help.

This article contains the following information:

    1. What is
    2. A complete removal guide.
    3. Browser hijakcer like prevention tips.

What is is a browser hijacker which usually comes to install on your PC without your actual consent, change the settings of your web browser and make it difficult to be changed back. Such search engine is developed to transfer, record and send victims’ online search habits, and other private information like credit card details to remote hackers. They record your search habits so as to pop up sponsored links like commercial ads that may get right into your interest to win unethical profits. It’s very risky to have such browser redirect virus on your PC. You’d better remove it as early as possible.
To remove this browser hijacker, you need to do the following things:

Step 1: To make the removal easier, scan you PC with Anvi Smart Defender to disable virus, and malware process.

    Anvi Smart Defender is an all-in-one anti-malware program. It integrates anti-malware function with system optimization utility to make a solid secured and faster PC.

    Anvi Smart Defender Official Download:

    Free version: (Full ability in detecting and removing virus, rootkits, Trojan, and other malware)


    Pro version: (+ Real-time guard of your PC.+ automatic malware database update, and other extra benefits.)




Step 2: Remove related toolbars/applications/software from the Control Panel:

    Windows XP: Go to Start> Control Panel> Add Remove programs> Find related toolbars/applications/software> Click on Remove.
    Windows 7/Vista: Go to Start> Control panel> Uninstall a program/Programs and Features> Find related toolbars/applications/software > click on Uninstall.

Step 3: Repair your browser settings.

    Internet Explorer

    1. Remove from the homepage:

    :idea:Tips: Press the Alt key to reveal menu bar of IE& FF

    Tools> Internet Options> General > Replace with a desired domain like> Click Apply to complete the operation


    2. Change default search provider, and remove from the list.

    Tools> Manage Add-ons> Search Providers> Choose to set a preferred one as default search provider by clicking Set as default button> Remove from the list.


    Google Chrome

    1. Remove from the Startup pages of Chrome.

    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Settings> In On startup section click Set pages> mouse-over to the and click the X symbol to remove it> Add your preferred domain and set it as your homepage.


    2. Remove from the homepage.

    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Settings> In Appearance section click Change

    Remove from Startup pages by clicking the X symbol, you can also choose to add a new page by entering its URL and hit OK to complete the modification.


    3. Change default search provider, and remove from the search engines list.

    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Settings> In Search section click Manage search engines…> Choose to set another preferred one as the default search engine by clicking Make default> Remove from the list.


    4. Remove associated add-ons through managing Extensions.

    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Tools > Extensions > Find and delete related add-ons from the list.

    Note: The extension may under a different name, thus search for and delete programs that are suspicious or under similar file name.

    Mozilla Firefox

    1. Remove from the homepage.

    :idea:Tips: Press the Alt key to reveal menu bar of IE& FF

    Tools> Options> General> Replace with a preferred domain> Click OK to complete the change.


    2. Reset changed items of your Firefox.

    Type about:config into the address bar> Press Enter> Accept the Warning


    Search for in the search bar >Right click on each item and select Reset> Hit OK to apply the change.


    3. Remove from the search provider list.

    Click on the Google icon
    The attachment g-icon.jpg is no longer available
    and select Manage Search Engines…. Select and hit Remove, then click OK to complete the change.


Step 4: Remove registry entries.

    Run Anvi Smart Defender and switch to PC Tuneup tab, and hit Care Now. Wait the progress to complete, and follow ASD’s instruction to remove all items found.



Browser hijacker like prevention tips

Nowadays, we become more and more dependent on computers and information technology. Instead of having a face-to-face meeting, nowadays people are apt to do business, transfer sensitive data, exchange confidential commercial Information, contact with friends, and share information via the Internet. The cyber world indeed has made us a faster world, yet the faster world may not be a safer one. As an active online user, there is a great chance that you may run into some malicious websites or phishing sites, or get attacked by malware. Thus, you need to browse smart so as to avoid being a victim of cybercriminals. Yet, it's impossible for us to be cautious of every browse or be on the alert for every click. Thus, build your PC with a powerful malware defense seems necessary.

Don't risk your privacy. Guard your PC with a powerful antivirus suite, plus a solid anti-malware program to make your computer system an invulnerable one.

Get Anvi Smart Defender- the powerful solid anti-malware program for free here.


With Anvi Smart Defender, you can gain benefits from its Web Guard so that any malicious and phishing sites will be filtered and blocked automatically.

Anvi Smart Defender is born to build you a undisturbed online environment. Try to Experience Now.
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