How to Remove (Removal Guide)

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How to Remove (Removal Guide)

Postby Ocean » 2013-01-25 2:06

Browser has been taken over by Default homepage is hijacked, and every new tab opened is redirected to this stuff? You might pin your hope on the antivirus program installed on your PC. However, bad news is that no matter how hard you try, only ends with your antivirus program is of no avail. You are finding solutions, right? That’s probably why you are here. We Anvisoft are always ready for help. Hope below instructions we provide is workable to solve your problem.

About is classified as a redirect virus. The infection will cause a constant misdirection to this domain and other bogus sites. It’s extremely annoying that no one would like to keep it further; meanwhile, it’s stubborn which makes the removal of this virus complex and complicated. Below harm can be notified once captures your system.

1. Default homepage is altered into
2. is opened when you click on a new tab.
3. Your search queries are constantly redirected to commercial ads, even some malicious web pages.
4. It might result in poor internet connectivity, degraded PC performance
5. Your privacy and other confidential data might be compromised.

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Quick Removal Guide:

Method One:

Step 1: To make the removal easier, scan you PC with Anvi Smart Defender to disable virus, and malware process.

    Anvi Smart Defender Official Download:

    Free version:


    Pro version:


Step 2: Remove from the homepage of IE/FF/Chrome.

    Internet Explorer:
    Click on Tools> Select Internet Options> On the General interface> Type the desired website in the Home page area> Click Apply to complete the operation


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Settings> In On startup section click Set pages> mouse-over to the and click the x symbol to remove it> Add your preferred domain and set it as your homepage.


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Click Tools> Options> Switch to General in the opened window> Remove from the homepage box and enter a preferred domain > Click OK to complete the change.


Step 3: Remove from the new tab of IE/FF/Chrome.

    Internet Explorer:
    Tools> Internet Options> General> Find the Tabs area, and click on Settings> Click on the button under: When a new tab is opened, open: > Select A blank page> Hit OK to complete the operation.


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon > Settings > Search > Manage search engines > Check the list of Default search engines, Other search engines> Remove> Click OK to complete the change.


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Type about:config into the address bar> Press Enter> Accept the Warning> Search for browser.newtab.url in the search bar >Right click on the result to reset. (Remove whether by setting it a blank page, or typing the desired website in the box,) > Hit OK to apply the change.


Step 4 Check Windows HOSTS file and remove additional malicious entries.

    Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.


    Open the hosts file with Notepad, and you should see below image.


    There should be only: localhost, in Windows XP.
    & localhost
    ::1 localhost
    in Windows Vista

    If you see more lines of code and IPs, delete them is supposed to be completely removed from your browsers. However, your browser may still act weirdly due to corrupt registry entries left and plug-ins/extension added by this hijacker. Then go further steps with step 5-7.

Step 5: Remove related toolbar/add-ons/extensions from IE/FF/Chrome

    Internet Explorer:
    Tools > Manage Add-ons > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


    Google Chrome:
    Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon> Tools > Extensions > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


    Mozilla Firefox:
    Tools > Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A) > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


Step 6: Scan your computer with a system cleaner tool, such as Cloud System Booster.

    Important Note: You should never skip or overlook this operation since your browser might act strangely after the removal due to some registry errors or corrupt registry entries left. Scan your system with Cloud System Booster to remove such corrupt remnants and fix the errors in one-click.

    If you skip this step, you will find your browser may take a long time to load a page, such condition will persist until you fix the registry error caused by the removal.


    Click here to download Cloud System Booster to fix the problem.

    Free version Download


    Pro Version Download


Step 7: Restart your browser.


Method Two:

Tool needed for the Fix:

Anvi Smart Defender (Free/Pro Version)

Anvi Browser Repair Tool (Free Version)

Step 1 Scan your computer for virus infections.

Anvi Smart Defender- recommended. This anti-malware program can provide your PC with quick, accurate and agile protection from all forms of online threats.

Scan your PC with Anvi Smart Defender, ferret out malware infections and eliminate them all with one-click solution.

Download> install> perform a full scan> click remove to clear all threats found after scan completes.


Official Download Link:

Step 2 Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool to fix problem.

Click the Download button to get Anvi Browser Repair tool right away.


Anvi Browser Repair Tool is specialized in repairing browser settings and networking settings such as homepage, DNS settings, safe startup, plug-ins, Title Bar, etc, altered by malware infections. It also assists in normalizing safe browser searching.

Step 3 Check options such as Block Windows Startup Pop-up. (Default settings recommended)


Step 4 Choose to reset DNS settings.


Step 5 Click the Fix button to repair browser settings to normalize safe browser usage.

Now, is supposed to be removed from your PC, the redirect phenomenon won’t happen again.


[b]Method Three[/b]

Step 1 Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2 Check the LAN settings of your browser and make sure no malicious proxy server is added. may alter your Internet settings to block you from accessing to some security websites, that's why you can't download certain files from the Internet.

To do this, you need to open your Internet Explorer> click on Tools (or gear bar)> select Internet Options> click on Connections> click on LAN settings and uncheck the checkbox under “Proxy server” option if it is checked.

Step 3 Check Windows HOSTS file.

Go to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc., locate hosts file, double click on it to open with Notepad.

Step 4 Check DNS settings to see whether they are changed.

To do this, you need to click on Windows Start icon> open your Control Panel> Double-click on Network Connections> right-click on Local Area Connection> select Properties> click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)> select Properties> choose Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Step 5 Download removal tool to full scan the infected computer.

Click below button to download the file directly.

Step 6 Install and run the removal tool to detect and figure out all potential threats associated with Later, follow its instructions to remove them all.

Step 7 Remove unnecessary temp files, browser cache and other junk files related with

Cloud System Booster can help you clean out them all.

Step 8 After the download, double click on the file to install it, and perform a full scan to erase all junk files related.

Step 9 Reset your Router back to the factory default settings, and reboot your computer to enjoy a clean system.


Prevention Tips: Block and Filter malicious websites so that they won’t touch you.

Anvi AD Blocker is designed to guard your PC proactively for potential risks you might run into while surfing the Internet to make sure you won’t be bothered by pop-up ads, flash ads, or fall for malicious URLs, phishing sites, etc. It’s a nimble security supplement to anti-malware programs. It’s compatible with all mainstream antivirus programs as a second layer protection. Get it for free, and enjoy your wonderful network life.


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