How to Remove Redirect From Browser?

This section is committed to offer guide on how to remove Google redirect virus.

How to Remove Redirect From Browser?

Postby Alisa » 2014-07-23 2:42

If you are suffering from the strange browser home page bringing you bad internet experience, you should consider whether it is a virus or not and remove it.

No matter redirect virus is identified as browser hijacker that hijacks your browser regardless of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and exhibits numerous malicious exhibits.

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The most obvious symptom of being infected with redirect virus is that the changes happen on your browser. With no difference from other browser hijacker like, it changes your default homepage and search engine to and redirects your start page and new tab to the malicious site at the same time. What's else, it will append malicious argument to all of your browser shortcuts.

However, modifying browser default settings is just the start. If you found the same item you queried online has a different search result compared with the one before? And some unknown sponsored links, spam ads start to occur among these various results? Even there are pop-up window from website promoting you to download software? All is done by this browser hijacker. Since your browser has been hijacked it, it will monitor your internet activity and track your browsing cookies for related data and your browsing preference so that to deliver ads and sponsored links for those websites it benefits from. Revenue is not just from one way. By improving the rankings of certain website browser hijacker can still gain a return.

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And what the redirect virus will do to your windows system? It installs the related potentially unwanted programs and files on your disk, and implants its malicious registry. Furthermore, the browser hijacker may mislead you to visit malicious websites and make your PC be infected with virus again.

So how dose browser hijacker slip into your PC? Typically, it is bundled with those programs downloads from the internet to install on computer without permission and knowledge. But sometimes, you got this redirect virus when you just click an attachment or link in an email. The drive by downloads coming from the video or websites you open is also a source of the browser hijacker.

Without reasons should redirect virus be left on your browser and PC. It is suggested to get rid it totally and then read prevention tips below for avoiding be infected with such kind of potentially unwanted program in future.

To safely surf in the further, we need to adopt necessary measures to get free from virus infections. Here we offer you some effective prevention tips and these tips are applied to all of virus kinds.

1. Keep your antivirus software and other security protect applications up to data.

2. Be attentive to visit websites, especially those unknown and with strange looking. It is high recommended to install a protective tool like Anvi AD Blocker for blocking malicious websites and popups.

3. Do not click those unknown and suspicious links and attachments in email.

4.When install software, make sure you’re getting the software from a trusted source.

5. Even if you have to install a necessary software, please always select Custom Installation instead of Recommended Installation and refuse any plugin by opting for Decline or Skip or other means during the process of installing such free software.

6. Delete internet browsing history including the history of the websites you have visited and the history of the downloads you’ve performed to prevent you from getting malicious infections again.


How to Remove Redirect Virus

–Effective method for the removal of Redirect Virus

Step 1→ Uninstall dubious programs related to from computer
Step 2→ Remove redirect from IE, FF and Google Chrome
Step 3→ Clean up leftovers of redirect virus and optimize your PC


Step 1→ Uninstall dubious programs related to from computer

    Option 1 Uninstall it from control panel
    Option 2 Uninstall it by using Anvi Uninstaller(a tool integrated in Cloud System Booster)

Option 2 is designed for those feel difficult to distinguish all of PUP including Toolbar and browser hijacker installing along with redirect virus and remove them completely.

Option 1 Uninstall it from control panel

:!: To ensure your PC is free from potentially unwanted programs, you’d better get rid of all dubious programs related to and other PUPs installing along with it.

For Windows XP: Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for all dubious programs related to, select them and click Remove.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under Program)>look for all dubious programs related to, select them and click Uninstall/Change.

For Windows 8: Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under Program)> Look for all dubious programs related to, select them and click Uninstall/Change.


Option 2 Uninstall all dubious programs related to by using Anvi Uninstaller(a tool integrated in Cloud System Booster)

The tool Anvi Uninstaller contained in Cloud System Booster( system maintaining&optimizing software ) specializes in removing various programs installing in your PC. The “Recently Installed” tab can help those who can’t distinguish PUP to easily get rid of them as it tracks back to the time around appearing.

Before uninstalling, please close all your browsers.

1. Please install Cloud System Booster first.


2. After installing, open it and click Toolbox just below the interface, and then click Anvi Uninstaller to download it within several seconds; and then run it.


3. Switch to the Recently Installed tab to remove all dubious programs related to ( Please SkipCreate System Restore Points” when remove)



Step 2→ Remove redirect from IE, FF and Google Chrome

    :arrow: Or by manually remove it

For the case hijack cannot be removed from browser along with the removal of programs related to, please use Anvi Slim Toolbar to remove it instead of manually removing it.

Automatically remove redirect with Anvi Slim Toolbar

This tool Anvi Slim Toolbar is designed to remove browser add-ons and repair browser damages including homepage and search engine redirects. With one click to recovery your default browser settings.

1: Download and install Anvi Slim Toolbar.


2. Remove toolbars from browsers

After installing Anvi Slim ToolBar, please open it(if you use trial version, click Continue Trying at the right bottom of box; if you use pro version, input your license key in the blank box), and click on Manage to detect toolbars in your browsers. When the result is displayed, select dubious extensions, and then click Remove button to remove them.


3. Repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine.

In Anvi Slim ToolBar box, please click on Browser Repair. IE, FF and Google Chrome are listed in the left; you can select any of them to change its homepage and search engine. When you choose customize homepage or customize search engine, please input the one you prefer.


Then click on Repair button to repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine and click on OK.


–Or you can choose manually remove it


1. Go to Tools> Internet Options> General, change the malicious domain to the one you prefer, like and hit Apply and then click on OK.

2. Go to Tools> Manage Add-ons> Search Providers, right click on Bing or others and select Set as default, and then right click on malicious search providers such as Ask Web Search, click on Remove. (the order for removing can’t be reversed absolutely)

3. Go to Tools> Internet Options> General, find the Tabs area, click on Settings, click on the button under “When a new tab is opened, open:”, select A blank page and hit OK to complete the operation.

4. Click on Tools( For Windows XP )/gear icon( For Windows 7 ) at the upper-right corner of the Window, and the click on Manage add-ons. Then come to Toolbars and Extensions tab. Right click dubious extensions including OnlineMapFinder and then click on Disable.


1. Go to Firefox

2. Click on Options and switch to the General Tab. Then click on Restore to Default, hit OK to recovery your default homepage.

3. Click the down arrow next to the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines…, select malicious search providers such as Ask Web Search and other unknown search engines and click Remove.

4. Go to Firefox, click on Add-ons and switch to the Extensions Tab. Click Remove to get rid of dubious extensions including OnlineMapFinder .


1. Go to wrench or three bar icon, click on Settings, and then come to On startup tab, select Open the new tab pages and click Set pages. When Startup pages pops up, remove the malicious domain by clicking X behind it.

2. Next, switch to the Appearance tab, click Show Home button and click Change, and then set or any one you prefer as homepage.

3. When the operation above is finished, come to Search tab, make sure that the content of the first bar is Google and then click Manage Search engines. Then remove malicious search engines by clicking X behind them and click Make default behind Google to set it as your default engine.

4. Go to wrench or 3 bar icon(next to the address bar), click on Tools and locate dubious extensions including OnlineMapFinder and then remove them by clicking the trashcan icon next to it.

Step 3→ Clean up leftovers of redirect virus and optimize your PC

To ensure the completely removal of redirect virus, we need to clean up all of its leftovers including its residual error and invalid registry entries as well as junk files.

1. Download and install the paid or free version of Cloud System Booster system maintenance & optimizer software.


2. After you install the program, please open it, click on Quick Clear button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.


3. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clear button there to remove these junk files, invalid registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.


:!: Because some users had their computers been infected with redirect virus via malicious websites. In order to reduce the chance that the adware gets onto PC again when you visit malicious sites in your browsing history by accident, please follow us to clean up you browser cookies.

Back to Could System Booster Homepage→click Disk Cleaner→scroll over and opt for Internet Explorer Cookies, Firefox Cookies and Google Chrome Cookies→Click Start Clean to remove them.


Except this system cleaning, please clean up junk files and other system junk regularly to keep your PC in a healthy state.

That’s it.
Hi, I'm Alisa. Hope to solve your computer problems the first time.
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