How to Secure Your Internet Explorer?

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How to Secure Your Internet Explorer?

Postby Ivy » 2012-11-02 3:25

Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used online browsers; It is also the main target of cyber criminals, thus become very important for you to secure your internet explorer. This topic mainly introduces the suggestion on how to secure your Internet Explorer. Please read on.

The common problem regarding Internet Explorer is the hijacker, pop-ups, commercial advertising, and more. We will discuss the solution on securing Internet Explorer in following aspects.

1. Install the latest version of IE browser

The latest version of Internet Explorer is more secure than previous version because it is updated and fixed the Vulnerability. Advanced version of IE browser can protect you more secure when you search something online. You are highly encouraged to update your Internet Explorer to version 8 or 9 if you are a fan of IE browser.

2. Increase your IE security level

There are three levels for IE security that is high, medium, low separately which possess different network function. The high level is the securest browser way, but it disable cookies that may cause some website is unable to visit unless verification. The medium browser level is more secure than low level. It suits for most of the website, when there’s some suspicious, it will pops up message. But the low level, that’s not recommendable. You can set your browser level at medium, but you must install antivirus program that can block suspicious links and protect your IE browser from being hijacked.

You can set your browser level at medium, but you must install antivirus program that can block suspicious links and protect your IE browser from being hijacked. To change the security level of your Internet Explorer, please go with following steps:

1) Open your Internet Explorer, and then click on the Tools button,-->Internet Options
2) Switch to Security tab, and then do one or more of the following:

Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.
Click the Security tab, and then do one or more of the following:

To change settings for a security zone, click the zone icon, and then move the slider to the security level that you want for that zone.

To create your own security settings for a zone, click the zone icon, and then click Custom level.
To restore all security levels to their original settings, click the Reset all zones to default level button.


You must notice the window about the Custom level. I also recommend you disable certain features like Java, ActiveX Control and plug-in, and more if you do not use them because in most case spyware or malware virus spread through those features. Please just forget the suggestion if you have Internet Explorer 9 installed. Those features are turned off by default.


3. Install anti-phishing program to secure your Internet Explorer.

Anti-phishing program is essential to protect you when you perform financial transactions. Anvi AD Blocker can prevent you from accessing when you visit phishing website. It can also block pop-ups from appearing on your computer when you browsing unfamiliar websites. As you may know that, cyber criminals take advantage of pop-ups to spread virus or malware, once you click those pop-ups, the hidden malicious code may run quickly and automatically on your computer to hijack your Internet Explorer.

Get Anvi AD Blocker to secure your Internet Explorer now! Image


4. Remove suspicious add-ons

Add-on or toolbar seems that it has no harm for your computer, it provide convenience for your search or using browser, but as a matter of fact, toolbars and add-ons can be a threat to your privacy. Toolbars and add-ons are always free to use. How do the companies that develop and release toolbar or add-on keep the income balance? Of course, they collect personal information from the computer installed with the toolbar and sell to other third parties for benefits.

What's more, some toolbars and add-ons distributed by secret and malicious way, such as bundling in well-know programs. View following screenshot for more information:


Toolbars are always installed automatically when you try to download and install other programs. You should pay attention when you install a program, please read carefully and remove all those automatically selected items before you click next step.
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