How to Fix Blue Screen of Death?---Tips and Tricks

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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death?---Tips and Tricks

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-31 22:00

You might come across with the problem of "Blue Screen of Death" on your Windows operating system. This is a common error you get when your operating systems encounter an unexpected or severe problem. The problem is always related with software, hardware, or driver error that preventing Windows from working properly.

When you get Blue Screen of Death error on your computer, you should more forward immediately to fix your computer. To go on with the problem, you must determine and diagnose the problem first to find out what is wrong on your computer that can help you fix Blue Screen of Death in a smart and quick way. However, the causes of blue screen error can range from software to hardware to hardware driver; the troubleshooting process may take long depending on particular situation, please read on following possibility to figure out the situation of blue screen error.

In most case, when you get BSOD error, you can try to restart your computer to get rid of the problem. But if restarting computer can not solve BSOD error, you must continue to do some diagnosis for a solution. Do following to narrow down the possible source of this problem.

1. Hardware Issue

The BSOD error can be caused by hardware issue if you are seeing the BSOD randomly, even when in safe mode. Please recall and ask yourself what you just did before you get the BSOD error. If you have recently installed a new hardware, then the problem can be fixed easily by removing the new installed hardware. If you did not install anything new on your computer, I am afraid that you need to far more to investigate the problem with following aspects.

2. Virus Infection Issue

The BSOD error can also be caused by virus infection. It is happened that high-risk virus infection can dramatically damage the computer performance and bring it blue screen of death. Under such circumstance, you should try to reboot your computer with BSOD error into safe mode, and run your anti-virus program full scan to clean the virus. In most case, the BSOD error gets fixed once the virus infection is cleaned out, but this kind of virus infection can not be removed easily. If you can not remove the virus infection with your anti-virus program, please try alternative anti-malware program, such as Anvi Smart Defender. What to do if non anti-virus or anti-malware program can kill the virus infection? Never mind, you can use System Restore utility to restore your computer performance. Click here to know how to use System Restore.

3 Software Issue

The BSOD error can be caused by newly installed software, especially beta version software. When you install a program that is in beta version and you get the problem of BSOD error, you can certainly confirm that the problem is software related. Some software is not mature enough to be adapted to Windows system. It may conflict with system programs or other programs installed on the computer that might bring the computer blue screen of death. To fix the software related BSOD error, please just reboot into safe mode and uninstall the software.

If none of above suggestions can help you fix the BSOD error, then you will need to delve even further into troubleshooting this error. I would like recommend you copy down the information from the blue screen error message, and then search online for the specific problem to find solution or ask help.
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