Internet Explorer Repair--Tips and Tricks

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Internet Explorer Repair--Tips and Tricks

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-26 2:44

With the rise of third party browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer is still one of the most widely used web browsers. You may come with the situation that you need to repair Internet Explorer because the browser may produce problems such as it acts sluggish, displays error messages, crashes unexpectedly, or any other problems. This post describes how to repair Windows Internet Explorer in Windows operating system.

If you are experiencing Internet Explorer browser problem, please read on the following tips which can help you to repair you Internet Explorer problem. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, or Internet Explorer 7, any of the following methods may resolve your problem. Try the methods that best apply to your situation.

Internet Explorer gets hijacked

It happens that your Internet Explorer get hijacked when your computer get infected with virus, spyware, adware or any other malicious program unexpectedly. In such case, you are highly encouraged to start the repair your Internet Explorer with a thorough scan of the computer for virus infestations. Your installed anti-virus program may unable to detect anything since it did not block it before the malicious code sneak on your operating system. Good anti-malware program is more suitable to remove the virus.

Recommended Anti-malware program: Anvi Smart Defender Image

After you install the recommended anti-malware program, please make sure you perform a full system scan and clean any viruses, Trojans and other malicious software from the system. Please be patient as full scan is time-consuming. You may still have problem in your Internet Explorer after the virus cleaning such as unwanted homepage, unexpected pop-ups and more. You may need to read and perform more steps to repair your Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer malicious search providers and toolbars/add-ons

If you have malicious toolbar installed on your Internet Explorer, you may unable to change your homepage. When you search with
Internet Explorer, you are always redirected to unwanted website or URL. You should check the installed add-ons and toolbars or the search providers.

To do this, please open your Internet Explorer, and then go to Tools and then Manage Add-ons. You will be prompted to windows as shown in screenshot below:


Check carefully the add-ons in the list, for the malicious add-ons, please do not hesitate to disable it by right-clicking on them and selecting disable from the context menu or selecting them and clicking on the Disable button in the low right corner of the window.
For some uncertain add-ons, please search online for detail information before you disable them.


Next, please switch to Search Providers module. In this panel, you can check the search engines you currently use. For unwanted search engines, you can remove or disable it easily. Remember that you have leave one search engine and make it as default engine.

Reset Internet Explorer settings

In those versions of Internet Explorer, you can repair damaged files, error message, missing registration information or malicious browser modification by resetting the Internet Explorer settings.

To do this, please start your Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu and select Internet Option and continue. You will be prompted to Internet Option Windows as shown below:


Switch to Advanced tab; click Reset under Reset Internet Explorer settings. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click
Reset to confirm.


Repair Internet Explorer with Tool--Anvi Browser Repair

Above tips can help you to fix your Internet Explorer problem, but you may ask if there any tool which can repair browser problem easily. Absolutely yes, Anvisoft devoted and developed a free tool to help you conveniently repair browser settings and networking settings such as homepage, safe startup items, DNS settings, Title Bar, BHO plug-in, etc, changed by malware to return smooth browser use.

Because antivirus, antimalware tool can only helps detect and remove malware infections from computer, but can't do the duty to repair the damage caused by the virus. This free tool will practically assist normalizing safe browser searching. Anvi Browser Repair
Tool is designed to help fix browser, network settings altered due to rogueware/malware infections and even facilitate malware removal with one-click solution.

Image Image
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