How to Speed up Network? (Optimize Network with Cloud System Booster)

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How to Speed up Network? (Optimize Network with Cloud System Booster)

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-22 4:18

Are you suffering from slow network? Have you ever thought of speeding up your network connection? Do you have any idea how can you make the network you are got right now work that little bit faster? If not, read on this post to learn more how to speed up network.

It is happened that internet users suffer slow Internet connection even they are paying for high speed Internet Access. This post is aiming at proving tips on how to speed up the computer network without having to upgrade or change your ISP.

1. Use your bandwidth properly

Even you are paying for high speed Internet Access, if you do not use it properly; you will still experience the slow network connection. We highly recommend you take advantage of your bandwidth properly. Controlling your bandwidth usage by disabling some programs is a good way to speed up your network. Many program like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and much other similar software uses your bandwidth in the background. So the advice is that disable those programs start automatically when you start your computer.

Besides that, scheduling your heavy network usage is a good habit to keep high network connection, such as performing downloading large files or uploading large backups overnight will save you from slow network connection when you use your computer in day.

What's more, please do not open too many tabs at the same time. It will slow down your internet speed if you open too much websites. Please just open the tabs which are necessary for your work and close those tabs that you do not view at the moment.

2. Set up your router with proper security measure and prevent unauthorized access.

If you are using wireless Internet connection, make sure that your password is not shared with your neighborhood. The more people connect to your network, the slow you may experience when you connect online. Therefore, if your network is not appropriate protected, your wireless network may be exposed to other people. Take following tips to secure your wireless network to prevent unwanted access: (Check this post to view more information on how to secure network)

• Change the administrator password; The manufacturer’s default password is not secure enough to protect the wireless network, and it also easily to be got hacked by hacker to access into the wireless network.
• Enable WAP or WEP encryption; To encrypt the WAP or WEP is also a good measure to protect the wireless network.
• Turn off SSID (Service Set Identifier) broadcasting to prevent your wireless network appearing around the neighborhood.
• Change the default SSID name of your device; Same as first tip, it’s also easy for a hacker to find out the default username. Set the name that you can easily remember but difficult to guess.

3. Install anti-virus program and keep it updated with latest database

The main purpose I recommend you install anti-virus program and keep it updated with latest database is that most malware opens connection and change the settings of the network to allow further infection and fluent file transmission. So if you get infected with virus or malware, it will open your connection. When it tries to transfer your personal information to remote control port, your network will be occupied dramatically. You will feel obvious slow network.

4. Perform PC maintenance regularly

You can easily figure out this aspect. If you have a slow computer, no matter how much you are paying for high speed Internet Access, you still have slow connected connection. Good computer performance is basic to maintain fast network. To speed up your computer performance, we highly recommend you take Cloud System Booster because it does not only optimize your system, it also optimizes the network.

Click to download Cloud System Booster and install to care your computer performance and optimize network now!

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