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Slow Computer Troubleshooting-Tips and Tricks

Postby Sophia » 2012-10-19 2:38

Computer runs slow, frequently freezes, or even gets stuck from time to time? Read this post to troubleshoot a slow PC and learn more on tips and tricks to speed up a slow PC with efficiency.

To speed up a slow PC, there are many factors to consider if you want to ensure a peak PC system performance. To make it short and clear, there are about 3 big factors that mostly affect the computer performance-1, hardware configuration ; 2, computer infections; 3, junk files, each with multiple aspects as well. And in this post, we will go through one by one to make a faster computer as possible as it can be.

Since many aspects can affect the computer running speed, we will cover these aspects one by one in order of check convenience to troubleshoot a slow computer. First, we will go to the most urgent factor that considerably affects the system performance in overwhelming majority of cases- computer virus infections.

1> Make sure the computer is virus free.

As I said above, almost all computer infections will result in slow PC running or make an infected computer stuck. So to troubleshoot a slow computer, the first step goes to using an antivirus/antimalware tool full scan the computer to ensure the computer is clean. (if you don’t have a powerful antimalware tool yet, Anvi Smart Defender may fit to your best bet. Give it a shot now.)

2> Clean up the entire computer operation system

Many files are dynamically generated in the OS when daily running. These files are accumulated over time to occupy a large volume of disk space and then the system will become slower and slower. For example, temporary Internet filesgenerated when you are browsing web pages online. These temporary Internet files can be web content, multimedia files, etc, which may account for a big volume to slow down a PC. So to those system temporary files, chkdsk file fragments, Windows log files, files in Recycle Bin, on Clipboard, etc. These files are real-timely generated by the OS partly for in-case use and partly dragging the system to run. Therefore, considering all, system maintenance on daily basis comes to play a necessary role in sustaining a well performing PC or even making faster PC.

Thanks to computer specialists those who have already made efforts on such aspect and even considering more. PC system cleaner/optimizer is at your service. More than cleaning up the computer OS, the system optimizer can even smartly upgrade the computer performance by not only throwing out junk files but also optimizing the system services to boost the computer performances. They are smart boosters for user’s convenience.

Here we take the Cloud System Booster as a specific example.

Cloud System Booster is focused on cleaning up the Windows OS in multiple aspects based on advanced cloud technologies. It is initially created to facilitate computer users to throw out a wide variety of junk files as well as to optimize the Windows system services to fullest, and also to fix registry errors and optimize installed applications' services. All serve the purpose of daily system maintenance as well as the urgent system performance boosting. The one-click solution, called boost by Anvisoft, enables you do all the cleaning and optimizing with just one mouse click. Give it a shot to boost your pc performance now.

Cleaning items of Cloud System Booster
csb cleaner.jpg

Optimizing items of Cloud System Booster
csb optimizer.jpg

3> Upgrade the hardware configuration.

First off, it is always savvy to make hardware and software compatible in terms of upgrading the computer performance. This is actually the core principle to sustain a nice performing computer.

Then there comes a natural question, if a slow computer is surely virus free and entirely cleaned up as well, then what could we do to troubleshoot it? Then in such a case, I’m afraid you have to think about the hardware configuration as well as the software compatibilities there. To efficiently upgrade the computer hardware configuration, the first solution would go to an addition of an extra inserted memory chip, which would be not costy compared with buying a new higher-configuration computer.

By the way, the three factors are just the three first big but not all. There are other means to speed up a slow pc depending on specific situations. For instance, if you run too many programs at the same time, just close these unnecessary programs or just restart the computer to regain a fresh OS running state if some processes are running hidden there. Examples are so on.

More suggestions to troubleshoot a slow pc, why not leave it below for a kind share?
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