Email Account Has Been Hacked, What to Do?

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Email Account Has Been Hacked, What to Do?

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-12 4:00

Do you get complaint from your friends that you are sending them spam? This is a indication of your email account being hacked. This is a common problem those days particularly with free email provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Gmail account. The problem is also happened with ISP-provided accounts, such as account.

You may wonder why a hacker hijacks your email account. The main purpose the hackers access your email account is to trick your friends or family by sending them malicious contents. When one of your contacts receives email from you, he or she will not take cautions as the email is from the acquainance. This is dangerous that your friends or family members may get infected with virus by clicking the malicious links or opening attached malware or virus.

What to do if your email account has been hacked?

Once you notice that your email account has been hacked, you should take action to fix it as soon as possible. Basically, you can stop the hack by changing your email account password. In most case, the hackers do not change your password because they usually hack a large amount of email account to spread malicious content and they have no time to change the password. In the event that your hacked email account password has been changed, you need to go through the password recovery/reset process provided by the email vendor. By the way, it's necessary to remind your contacts to ignore the previous spam email to avoid virus infection or cyber crime.

How did you get hacked?

The common causes that you get hacked can be explained as following:

You are tricked into giving your password to a hacker.
Your password was stolen by a hacker via keylogger running on your local computer.


You can take the following actions to keep your account safe and prevent further compromise

Have general knowledge about the Email Scam/Phishing Click here to learn more Avoid Email Scam/Phishing
Make sure your operating system and antivirus/anti-malware program has the latest updates.
Create a strong password for your email account
Never reply to email asking for your email account

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