How to Block Pop up Ads from IE, Firefox and Chrome

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How to Block Pop up Ads from IE, Firefox and Chrome

Postby Sophia » 2012-12-06 22:28

Pop-up ads are annoying when browsing online. If you want to block pop-up ads which may also includes malware distributors to infect the computer, read more here to easily get that done. A detailed guide is here to stay.

Ads come as part of economic prosperities especially when it comes to the Internet, featuring speedy wide propagation. Just enough ads which are informative are good but excessive or malicious ads are bad. It can’t be denied that pop-up ads have become one of main malware spread ways there to annoy people around the world. Thus, appeal to filter pop-up ads comes to users’ mind in terms of online security. Below are some options to block popup ads for the sake of security. Thanks to those who have been working so hard to make it happen in a convenient way.

Pop-up Ads Block Option 1- Turn on blocking features of Internet Browsers, such as IE, Firefox and Chrome

Most recent version of Internet browsers feature a function to block any pop-ups from appearing on computer screen. To activate pop-up blocker of individual browser programs, please follow below steps:

Turn on Pop-up Blocker in Inter Explorer

    1. Launch Internet Explorer.

    2. Navigate to top menu and select Tools. On the drop-down list, please click on Internet Options.

    3. On Internet Options window, select the Privacy tab.

    4. Tick the “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” to prevent a particular unwanted website from appearing on your browser.


    If you want to exclude a web site, simply click on Settings and add the address of web site you want to allow.

Disable Pop-up Ads in Google Chrome

    1. Open Google Chrome.

    2. Click on the Wrench icon to top-right corner of the browser. On the drop-down list, please select Settings to display present configuration of Google Chome.

    3. Look for the Privacy area and click on Content settings… button. It will open a new window.

    4. Go to the Pop-ups area and tick on “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”.


    To allow pop-ups from certain web sites, click on Manage exceptions and add the website address.

Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox

    1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

    2. Navigate to top menu and click on Tools. On the drop-down list, select Options to display current settings.

    3. Under the Content tab, click on “Block pop-up windows”.


    To allow pop-up issued by certain websites, please click the Exceptions button and input the website address. And that’s it.

Popup Ads Block Option 2-Ads Blocking Tool

Anvi Ads Blocker is here available for your convenience. This tool by Anvisoft targets at helping computers filtering/blocking those malicious sites, annoying pop up ads and some malicious banners. Anvi Ads Blocker(direct down), which is freely integrated in the toolbox of antimalware Anvi Smart Defender Pro now to facilitate your blocking pop up ads on the Internet meanwhile adding an extra layer of online security in terms of malware prevention.


Popup Ads Block Option 3-Editing Host Files

This is an alternative option to block pop up ads from some particular websites that you don’t want. Your antivirus program cannot detect them as virus because they are literally not. These advertisements are process on the web contents similarly as any other campaign. There is no way you can remove the ads in your browser because you have no control over them. The least you can do is to enable pop-up blocker in your browser. If that didn’t help and you want to block the ads in general, you can edit your Windows hosts file. Please follow this procedure:

    1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\

    2. Open the ‘hosts’ file using Notepad and add the following on last line: (the particular website address that you want to block)’

    Here take the unwanted website as an example and the added last line would be:

    And your new hosts file should look like this:


You may also need: Some websites which cause excessive pop up ads or persistent redirections may voluntarily install to your computer and browser to even change the browser settings, or some of the malware related just take the chance to sneaks in and cause suck browsing, then besides an powerful antimalware or antivirus, here a browser repair toolmay be also what you need to enable the virus scan and repair the browser settings to make it normal and smooth. This browser repair tool is freely available now(Anvi Browser Repair Tool direct download), integrated in the Toolbox of the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender.


Good luck and if any ideas about computer security online, your kindness of sharing it with us would be highly appreciated.
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Re: How to Block Pop up Ads from IE, Firefox and Chrome

Postby Ivy » 2014-05-18 22:26

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