Computer locked by Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012-Ransomware awareness

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Computer locked by Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012-Ransomware awareness

Postby Sophia » 2012-08-22 3:31

Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 makes its appearance to play the similar trickery as other ransomwares. It invades target computers to lock the computer from normal use, usually all use, stating the victim user has been violating some laws in name of related local official authority, such as the notably known FBI moneypak virus, which is in name of FBI, and demands for a penalty fine of usually $100 to evade the deprivation of due sentence as well as to unlock the computer. If you believe what they say and follow the fake instructions, you will get nothing but further leak of your credit card messages for even more money loss. If you are too smart to believe that, then you will instantly head for looking more information and related solutions to work this out. Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 is right the very ransomware, one of prevailing money-extorting tricks by cyber crooks. You'd better take appropriate caution on that and here comes a screenshot of this ransomware/malware/virus, whatever you call it:


To remove the infection of this ransomware, there are several solutions depending on the certain situation, or rather the severity level of infection:

If you can still use the computer with start menu and there comes just pre-sign of this infection and you can still access the computer normally via booting it to safe mode, you may either use the antimalware tool (Recommended Anvi Smart Defender) to remove it or just restore the OS to a date and time before the infection.

For more details about use the antimalware tool to remove the associated malicious files or do system restore to fix this, refer to the similar removal guide of other ransomware removal guide here: FBI Moneypak Removal Guide, Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware removal guide.

If the computer is completely locked from anything including booting into safe mode, this scenario may be different and a little more complex on the solutions, which we details using several tools including Kaspersky Resicue Disk 1.O. For more details, you may refer to the very part of removal guide of similar ransomware: PCEU virus removal guide, for more details.

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