Trojan.Zbot--Be aware of fake Chrome and Flashplayer update

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Trojan.Zbot--Be aware of fake Chrome and Flashplayer update

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-22 1:08

Be aware of the fake Chrome and FlashPlayer Update installer. Recently, cyber criminal take advantage of the famous program update Chrome and FlashPlayer Update to trick victim into downloading and installing the Trojan virus. When you try to download the file which contains Zeus Trojan (Zbot), the Trojan virus Zbot will run automatically on your computer to collect your confidential information. It specifically targets system information, online credentials, and banking details, but can be customized through the toolkit to gather any sort of information. Be sure the patch is from the official site when you are prompted with update.

Possible fake Chrome update:

fake chrome update.jpg

Possible fake FlahPlayer Update:

fake flash player update.png


We highly recommend you take following action to avoid or minimize the risk from this infection.

Behavior and precautions

Cyber criminals know a lot about social engineering and take advantage of it to spread Trojan.zbot. The infection may be spread via the spam email campaigns with the latest news stories or any other alluring content. You should pay special attention when you click on links in such email.

Patch operating system and software

The attackers also exploit vulnerability of operating system or program to spread the threat. Pay attention when you download and install patch of system or programs. Careful check should be conducted to ensure the safety of your computer.

Firewall enabled and anti-virus/anti-malware program installed

You should turn on your Windows Firewall or Windows Defender to protect the possible virus infection. When you click on a malicious link, Firewall will block the link and ask your permission to continue the operation or not. Besides Firewall, anti-virus program and anti-malware program is necessary to protect the virus infection.

Anvi Smart Defender is recommended to protect your PC.

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