How to Uninstall Components ( Removal Help)

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How to Uninstall Components ( Removal Help)

Postby Sophia » 2012-08-13 1:16

You are suffering that behaves like a browser hijacker, seems so stubborn to uninstall? Read this post to find more and get easy steps to uninstall all components of

Quite often we encounter some stubborn search toolbar or url based search engine behaving like a hijacker, overriding all the installed browsers and thus raising considerable worries of users. Actually, like Babylon,, and the like, is some kind of browser help object but behaves really annoying though most users are misguided to think that these are malware. All in all, although the or its claro toolbar may annoy you, redirect you and record your browsing traces somehow, it has been not thought to harm either the computer or the user’s privacy. However, the outcome seems not so pleasing as it thought yet it does prove itself a suspicious one to remove. If you come across such a search issue with, which is believed to relate to Babylon, sneakily installed when you are downloading some freeware in most cases, and you want to get rid of this annoying totally, read the below removal steps to hit your goal. (To remove Claro LTD toolbar, click here to learn detailed steps)

How to Tell the existence of

Once this add-on is installed, every time you launch your web browser, either in Internet Explorer, or in Firefox or in Google Chrome, there is a new tab window launched containing, a search bar similar to image as shown below:


Steps to Remove

Step 1> Remove Claro Toolbar through Windows Control Panel

1. Click on Start menu-> Control Panel,

2.Select add/remove programs (/Programs for Windows 7, then select uninstall a program. This will open a program and features windows where-in you can uninstall, change, or repair installed software.

3. find the name Claro LTD Toolbar and highlight the item.

uninstall-claro-ltd (1).png

4. Click on Uninstall button (beside Ogranize) at the top to remove the program automatically

5. If it prompts for confirmation, please click OK to proceed.

Step 2>Remove in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

In Internet Explorer 8 or 9:

1. Open the internet Explorer

2. On the top menu, click Tools->Internet Options.

3. Under the General tab, proceed to Change search defaults and click the Settings button, just as shown below:


4. Then you will view a list of search providers. Choose the search provider you want, i.e. and then click the button Set as default to replace


5. Now you may remove Claro Search from the list. Close the current window and restart the Internet Explorder.

In Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox

2. On Google’s search box, click the arrow down sittting right beside the “G” logo.


3. Click on Manage Search Engines… from the drop-down list to see all search engines installed in Firefox.

4. Select the search provider you prefer to as the default by placing it at the top most position. Highlight the item and click on Move up until it reaches the first spot.


5. To uninstall Claro Search from Firefox, highlight on its name and click the Remove button. Restart the Firefox and that’s it.

In Google Chrome

1.Please open Google Chrome

2. Go to Wrench icon->Settings


3. Find the “Search” area which is located in the middle part of the page.

4. Click on the Manage search engines. Then there will show a list of search engoines including the default one.


5. Mouse-over to your preferred engine and click Make Default.

6. To Remove Claro Search ( from Google Chrome, mouse-over to that item and click on the X mark as shown in the image above.


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Try it now:

Image Image ($9.98 Size: 9.65MB)
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Re: How to Uninstall Removal Help

Postby Sophia » 2012-08-13 3:28

Hey guys

Hope this article helpful for you. You may also see more details on Claro LTD toolbar removal guide in another post :arrow:

Welcome to leave your comment for further discussion or just sharing your experiences. :geek:
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Re: How to Uninstall Components ( Removal Help)

Postby » 2012-09-30 18:00

Hello i was trying the part where you delete it from internet explorer but it wont work. How do i remove it a different way?

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Re: How to Uninstall Components ( Removal Help)

Postby Sophia » 2012-10-02 10:39

Hello, ethan

I'm Sophia, here to help. Have you also tried removing the add-on related in IE? Please also clean cache and cookies in your IE. So it should be Ok.
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