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How to Disable/ Remove

Postby Ocean » 2012-08-06 1:35

How to stop taking over as your default search engine? Quick removal guide to help you quickly and completely disable/remove is a browser hijacker which is as malicious as Babylon search, pretending to be a resourceful and legitimate search engine, and especially following Google’s suit- providing web, images, videos, shopping, and maps search. You may not easily find out the distinction between and Google, and might take it as Google search for first few days until something unusual is found. Below is an image of

Image hijacks one’s browser thorough infecting and changing the registry settings and important windows system files, when your system has compromised this browser hijacker, searching will pop up automatically whenever you do a new tab in browser. You need to manually change the domain in the address bar if you want to query through Google, yahoo, or Bing. You will also notice many annoying advertising pages keeps popping up without permission.

Don’t confuse by this high-risk hijacker, don’t trust anything suspicious. If you had a hard time terminating this hijacker, just follow below step-by-step removal guide and have a try. Help you solving problem is our mission.

Step 1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

How to Boot a Computer into Safe Mode?- Click here to learn in details.

Step 2. Check Windows HOSTS file for any additional entries.

Go to: C: \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. locate hosts file and double click on it to open with Notepad.

Step 3. Check DNS settings to make sure they are set to obtain address automatically.

Windows Start icon> Control Panel> Network Connections> Local Area Connection and select Properties> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)> Properties> choose Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Step 4. Important. Check the LAN settings of your browser to make sure no malicious proxy server is added to prevent you from downloading files from the Internet.

How to Remove Internet Explorer Malicious Proxy Server? - Click here to learn in details.

Step 5. Download TDSSkiller to kill

Click below button to download directly.


Note: A reboot of PC may be required after the removal. This time you need to reboot in regular mode.

Step 6. Download Anvi Smart Defender, install the program and run a full scan to complete the removal of


Quick download link:


Click below button to download directly.


If you still have questions regarding this hijacker virus, please feel free to comment and ask questions.
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