How to Uninstall Coupon Buddy Adware (Coupon Buddy Pop up Removal Guide)

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How to Uninstall Coupon Buddy Adware (Coupon Buddy Pop up Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2013-01-24 2:38

Recently your Chrome, Firefox or IE encounters a lot of coupon ads pop up to be really annoying and you wonder how do I uninstall the Coupon Buddy ads pop up/ toolbar/ add-ons? Read more in this post to follow the step by step instructions to get rid of this adware.

Coupon Buddy is an adwareprogram that displays pop up and pop under advertisements. Coupon Buddy also redirects your search results to websites affiliated with it. Coupon Buddy can install its toolbar or add-on onto Internet browsers (IE, Firefox and Google Chrome).

Once installed this adware shows ad links and pop-up box containing coupons, savings, and special offers from various products. Authors of Coupon Buddy claims that this tool can benefit web users in a way that they are regularly updated for latest discount for online shopping sites.

At a first glance, Coupon Buddy may be useful, however, there are reported instances that users web browser are pointed to malicious web pages after clicking on a Coupon Buddy link. The company is lacking of quality control and may not have enough resources to check all links submitted by an advertiser. Thus, it becomes a doubtful platform in redirecting user’s browser to harmful sites.

Usually, Coupon Buddy comes bundled with other software that you may download from unknown sites. It disguises as a tool needed before visitors can view full content of the site. The software will ask you to install is packed with adware such as Coupon Buddy and installs it without your knowledge. The only sign of its presence is when you start to receive Coupon Buddy pop-up each time you are browsing online shops.

To avoid such adware, your PC needs protection from anti-malware program. If in case, the adware has entered the computer, please follow the Coupon Buddy uninstall guide on this page to stop the pop-ups and remove all files dropped by the adware.

    Type: Adware
    Sub-Type: Add-on/Extension
    OS Affected: Windows

Symptoms of Coupon Buddy Adware Infection

Coupon Buddy adware displays a “CB” logo on top-right corner of the browser when you are browsing online shops. On the first image, it seems that you can disable the adware by clicking on “Turn Off Coupon Buddy. I’d prefer to shop alone” but you can’t. It will resurface until the add-on or extension is installed on the browser.

Coupon cubby adware.png

When the adware monitors that you are browsing online shopping sites, Coupon Buddy pop-ups coupons and savings for relevant products.


How to Remove Coupon Buddy Adware (Removal Guide)

How do I uninstall Coupon Buddy?

Below is for you to find the answer in step by step removal instructions. Here we go.

1. Malware Removal (Antimalware Scan)

    Scan and Remove Malware infecting your computer system with Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware

      1. Download and Install Anvi Smart Defender

      2. Update the software to the latest version and make sure the rootkit is selected before the scan.

      Please note, after the download and install, make sure database is updated to the latest version and also ensure the Anvi Smart Defender is set to scan the rootkit by clicking settings as shown below. And then click OK to save the change and close the window to run this scanner.

      Anvi Smart Defender download link:


      3. Perform full scan.

Ads Blocking Tips: Here recommends you a nimble ads blocking tool-Anvi AD Blocker available now. It is built to real-timely help users block and filter malicious adware, malicious URL, phishing and annoying pop ups and flash ads from the Internet browsers, as well as your unwanted websites to better protect the computer from various malware infections distributed via pop ups or malicious websites. Furthermore, it can even speed up the loading page when you are surfing online by filtering the needless ads.

Learn more about this Anvi AD Blocker-a handy tool to help you conveniently block pop up ads and any distributors related to malware infections.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that this Anvi AD Blocker is integrated for free use in the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender now. Get Anvi AD Blocker for free by upgrading Anvi Smart Defender protection here and now. Image

2. Uninstall Coupon Buddy Adware from Windows Control Panel

    1. Go to Start > Control Panel
    2. Under Programs, click on Uninstall a program. It will open a program and features window where-in you can uninstall, change, or repair installed software.


    3. Look for the name Coupon Buddy Adware or any related term. Please note that the adware may change the title anytime. Once found, please select the item you wanted to remove.

    NOTE: Be aware that Coupon Buddy Adware may use other names or terms such as the following:
    Coupon Inc, Start Now, SwagBucks, FreeCoder, Conduit

    4. Click on Uninstall button to remove the program automatically. If it prompts for confirmation, please click OK to proceed.

3. Repair Browser settings

    A : INTERNET EXPLORER - Coupon Buddy Adware removal procedure

    If the hijacker was not removed properly during the scan, you can use this guide to uninstall it from the computer. We prepared procedures to remove this unknown search program from various Internet browsers including Internet Explorer 8/9, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

    Guide to remove Coupon Buddy Adware Add-ons and Extensions from Internet Explorer

      1. Launch the program Internet Explorer.
      2. On top menu, please navigate to Tools > Manage add-ons. It will open a window where in you can view and manage Internet Explorer add-ons.
      3. Select Toolbars and Extensions on left panel. Go to right panel and look for Coupon Buddy Adware related item.

      NOTE: Be aware that Coupon Buddy Adware may use other names or terms such as the following:
      Coupon Inc, Start Now, SwagBucks, FreeCoder, Conduit

      4. Select the unwanted toolbar and extensions and click on Disable.
      5. Close the existing window and restart Internet Explorer.

    B : MOZILLA FIREFOX - Coupon Buddy Adware removal guide

        1. Launch the program Mozilla Firefox.
        2. At Firefox main screen, type about:config in the address bar. If it shows a warning, "This might void your warranty!" please click "I'll be carefull, I promise!"
        3. Firefox will display a list of entire preferences including those that were modified by Coupon Buddy Adware.

        4. In the Search field, type the name of malware. Then, right-click and Reset values for found Preferences.
        NOTE: Be aware that Coupon Buddy Adware may use other names or terms such as the following:
        Coupon Inc, Start Now, SwagBucks, FreeCoder, Conduit

        Note: Proceed only with this fix if Coupon Buddy Adware has modified your home page or if the browser keeps on redirecting to unknown web sites.
        5. Navigate to top menu and click on Tools, the click Options.
        6. On General Tab, under Home Page, type the desired address or simply click Restore to Default. Click OK to save the settings. This will reverse the changes made by Coupon Buddy Adware on your home page.

      Procedures to delete Coupon Buddy Adware Extensions from Firefox

        1. Open Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
        2. On top menu, click on Tools and select Add-ons from the list. You can also press CtrlShift+A on your keyboard to access this option.
        3. Once the Add-ons manager is open, select Extensions from the sidebar.
        NOTE: Be aware that Coupon Buddy Adware may use other names or terms such as the following:
        Coupon Inc, Start Now, SwagBucks, FreeCoder, Conduit

        4. Find the unknown add-on and click on Remove button. Click OK to save the settings.
        5. Please restart Firefox to complete the process.

    C : GOOGLE CHROME - Coupon Buddy Adware removal procedure

    Delete Coupon Buddy Adware extension from Google Chrome:

      1. Launch the program Google Chrome.
      2. Click on the Wrench or 3-Bars icon on top right corner of the browser.
      3. Choose Settings from the drop down list. It will open a window containing Google Chrome settings.
      4. Click on Extensions of the left side bar to display all installed extensions.
      NOTE: Be aware that Coupon Buddy Adware may use other names or terms such as the following:
      Coupon Inc, Start Now, SwagBucks, FreeCoder, Conduit

      5. On the right panel of the window, Disable/Delete (Trash) Coupon Buddy Adware extensions.
      6. Close the current window and restart Google Chrome.

Delete Browser data

It is also necessary to delete browser data, especially cookies and cache, in order to make sure the browser is clean from any leftovers related to the suspicious websites and third party malware infections. To do this, you may visit the detailed instructions in this article: How to Delete Browser Data.

Protect your PC from Coupon Buddy Adware or Similar Attack

Turn on Safe Browser Features:Instructions to Turn on Security Features of IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.

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