How to Remove Tracking Cookies?

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How to Remove Tracking Cookies?

Postby Ivy » 2012-11-12 3:29 is a kind of tracking cookies which is designed to improve your browsing experience but also designed to collect the browsing habit from target computers. We also call this kind of cookies "third parties cookies". is not a virus or malware related items. It only tracks you across various websites, thus recording your user behavior. That information will be sold to other third party websites for marketing purposes. Although is not virus or malware, but it is concerning the privacy of Internet users, thus some anti-virus program still detect is as a threats.

Have you suffered from the random pop-ups or do you get error message? This post is mainly aiming to introduce the purpose and the steps to remove tracking cookies. Please read on to learn more information about the removal of tracking cookies.

Before you move forward to fix the tracking cookies problems, you are highly encouraged to install Anvi Smart Defender to block


Anvi Smart Defender Web Guard offer real-time protection and block malicious domain when you are trying to access malicious URL.

Remove Tracking Cookies:

It's quite easy to remove tracking cookies. You can manually remove it from your web browser. Take Google Chrome as an example, following steps can help you to remove the cookies from your Google Chrome manually.

Step1, Launch your Google Chrome and then click on the wrench icon located on the right side of the browser toolbar.

Step2, Select Settings and then scroll down the process bar to find the Privacy column.


Step3, Click on the "Content settings" and you will be prompted to Content settings page which enable you to handle the browser cookies.


Step4, Click on "All cookies and site data" button, after a new page prompted, you can click on to remove all the cookies displayed or choose on of the cookies and click the X button behind of the related site.


You can take the similar steps to remove the cookies from your other web browsers. But the most easy and convenient way is taking cookies clean tools to handle it. I would like to recommend Cloud System Booster to remove the tracking cookies.


Download Cloud System Booster to clean Your Browser Cookies Now

Below is a list of websites that may contain tracking cookies. Anvi Smart Defender offers you real-time protection when you landing on website which may add tracking cookies to your computer. You will be alerted with message as below and required to refuse the malicious domain trying to access your computer.


List of URL which may contain
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