How to Remove Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software Malware ( Removal Help)

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How to Remove Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software Malware ( Removal Help)

Postby Sophia » 2012-09-13 22:42 is on your computer screen to bombard its software to speed up your PC? Read this post to know more about the called Max My Speed PC optimizer software, which is totally a malware. A detailed solution is here to stay.

Scam is totally a tricky website, where people claim to instantly diagnose and improve the computer speed however either the or the Max My Speed PC Optimizer software is a scan. does not allow their commercial to be embedded, referred


What is and (US Tech Support) provide the fraudulent MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer software which alleges to remove spyware, malware, and viruses and clean registry errors, spam, and popups… However, it is just a tricky way of saying “virus and malware”.


Technically speaking, MaxMySpeed PC is not necessarily malware but a scareware that scares unsuspecting computer users by displaying fake computer issues and infections so as to get the computer user to purchase their software for $ 39.99 a year. Moreover, MaxMySpeed collects privacy information as well, simply by visiting their website. In view that MaxMySpeed allows third party links and does not claim responsibility for any issues provided through third party links.., it is considered adware and spyware.


MaxMySpeed scam process

As stated before Max My Speed is similar to scareware. The process of using and their software is outlined below.

• First the computer user downloads the free diagnosis software from called Max My Speed PC Optimizer software. This installs the MaxMySpeed.exe onto the system. This file is used to execute the install portion of the MaxMySpeed software.


• When completed, MaxMySpeed will install Live PC Support/US Tech Support software and the MaxMySpeed program. Once a scan is performed using the MaxMySpeed Optimizer, the user interface will display fakemalware/error warnings and will show a large amounts of “Issues found”. Please note after observation, these issues are all considered fake.


• MaxMySpeed even shows issues with NEW computers… Which they state is common (below). Please note the information provided on their website is false.



After observing what and their software detailed as a malicious (etc) issue I noticed some of the alleged issues were simple images I had recently placed on my personal computer. For example an image of the NYSE charging bull.



To conclude,, and the Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software is a scam. and their software is similar to malware and can not be trusted. Avoid and Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software.

How to remove MaxMySpeed/USTechSupport tracks computer and internet users whom visit their website and use their products utilizing cookies and data which allow the use of “Unknown Accounts” (Or ASP.NET users) to access computer files as well as installs a large load of files/framework on your system. Removing software and USTechSupport framework is essential in protecting your computer functionality and privacy.

How to remove MaxMySpeed/USTechSupport software

1. Access Window’s Uninstaller by navigating to Control Panel > Uninstall a program


2. Find MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer from the list of installed programs, right click the icon and click uninstall(or highlight the program and click uninstall)


3. Find USTechSupport Framework from the list of installed programs, highlight the program and click uninstall


4. The USTechSupport Framework will prompt a confusing message (expected to trick computer users into keeping the US Tech Support Framework), click YES.


5. Finally remove the MaxMySpeed.exe file from your computer. This is the downloaded file used to initially install the software.

Once the program is removed, your internet browser may open a window directing to a website. Simply “X” out of the window and bypass the “are you sure you want to leave” alert (click yes). This may happen as a popup once your system reboots or upon opening a new internet browser window.


How to Delete and Cookies

A simple way to remove MaxMySpeed stored cookies is to delete your internet browsers cache files. You can do this in your internet browsers settings or preferences.

1. In Google Chrome, navigate to the settings wrench > History

Google chrome-history.jpg

2. Next select “clear all browsing data

google chrome clear history.jpg

3. Finally check the necessary cache and history selections to clear. You may check them all to secure and finally click clear browsing data.



Alternate Alternate Option to Block with Convenience

Anvi Ad Blocker by Anvisoft is designed and created to help computer users block malicious/unwanted websites, risky pop ups and banners. To block from either IE, Firefox or Google Chrome, you may take advantage of this ads blocking tool for practical help by just a simple action of adding to its Black Lists as showed below.

Download Anvi Ad Blocker here (direct download)->install it and run it->click MORE on top right of its main screen->Click Settings and there will appear a window of settings for custom blocking needs.

adblocker more settings.jpg

Then, select the Black Lists tab on the opened Settings menu, click Add URL and there will be an input window, type “” in and click Add, then click X to close the window and save the change.

ad blocker block risky site.jpg

Then on the setting window, click Apply and then "x" to save the change and close the window. That's it.

ad blocker blacklist.jpg

This Anvi Ad Blocker now is also integrated in toolbox of the antimalware tool Anvi Smart Defender, feel free to try.

Good luck and be safe online. If any question/experiences/practices related, please share with us below.
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