How to Remove search results Redirect ( Hijacker Removal Guide)

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How to Remove search results Redirect ( Hijacker Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2012-09-13 3:45

Homepage changed to Google Chrome is hijacked by search results as well? Read more in this post and you will find a detailed removal guide to help you get rid of the redirect completely.

We have received a lot of our readers complaining about the Mysearchresults redirect and ask for a favor on how to fix this issue they encounter. In view of this, we post a detailed removal guide, or rather uninstall guide here for some help. Occasionally you may find this My Search Results stealthy installed and perform its work and you may think it a redirect virus infection or somewhat which can do damage to the computer although My Search Results claims to provide and My Search Results toolbar as legal and safe search help to users as an added search choice. Well, I have to say that THANKS for your guys' kind concern and hard working, even though this results in annoyance to many users, including at least those users who sent their complains of the My Search Results problem. Just hope you guys there would do a better joy to cater to users' needs.

Most articles we post here are malware removal related, to carter to reader's convenience. Although My Search Results is still in question as a malicious, technically we highly recommend our reads to get rid of it in case of any risks. Well, we think our readers are logic enough to make a right judgement, right? Here is a screenshot of


How to Remove Hijacker-Removal Guide

Step 1> First off, download the antimalware tool-Anvi Smart Defender to check out if the computer is also infected with other potential online threats like Trojans or rogueware and the like. Direct download it here:

After download, install it to full scan the computer system and remove the detected results.

Step 2> Go Start->Control Panel-> Programs-> add or remove a program to check out if there is added program related to my search results. If any program unknown or related to this, select it and click Remove/Uninstall to get rid of it. If not, go straightly to step 3.

Step 3> Check the LAN settings, DNS settings as well as hosts files to ensure right Internet Connection.

a. Uncheck “ Use a proxy server” checkbox in LAN settings window

To do this, Open Internet Explorer, and click Tools-> Internet Options, click the connections tab and then click LAN settings. Then there will open a window of LAN settings as shown below. Uncheck the "Use a Proxy Server " check box as shown in below picture.


Then, click OK to save the change and close the window.

b. Set DNS to be automatically obtained.

To do this, you need to go to Control Pane->Network Connections->Local Area Connection->Right-click Local Area Network icon and select Propertie->Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and Click Properties once again. A window showed below will display:



Select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.


c. Check out the hosts files and make it right.

Hosts file locates on C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Then there will come out hosts files and hosts backup files. Open both of them in the form of notepad and then make sure the hosts file is in accordance with the hosts backup file.


Step 4> Repair browser settings in terms of search engines, homepage, add-ons/extensions etc.

If you are using IE, please follow below steps to fix the issue.

a. Open Internet Explorer, then click Tools-> Internet Options, and then under the general tab, reset the homepage to or whatever you like.


b. Click Tools->Manage Add-ons, choose the added mysearchresults related toolbar and then remove it.

c. Clear cache by going to Tools->History, then select the corresponding items to remove downloading data, browsing data, cache and cookies.

Shut down the IE and then reopen it to check it out.

If you are using Firefox, please go step by step as below to recover from problem.

a. Click tools->add-ons to remove the related add-ons


b. Click on the managifying glass search icon as shown below to select manage search engines and then choose the my search results related search engine and remove it.


c. Then go to Tools->Options-> General tab, reset the startup homepage or just change it to whichever you like.


d. Click Tools-> History, and then mark the downloading history, browsing history, cache and cookies and then click remove.

Shut down the Firefox and then reopen it to check it out.

If you are using Google Chrome, you may go below steps to get rid of my search results redirect virus.

a. Click Wrench icon, and then navigate to Tools->extensions, and then choose the related extension and click on the small recycle bin icon to remove the toolbar.


b. Then again click the wrench icon, click on Settings, on the search area, click on manage search engines and then select the related mysearchresults search engines and remove it.

c. Click Wrench-> History, and then click Clearing all browsing data... to open a detailed window as shown below, then mark right items as shown below You may check the necessary clear cache and history selections to be safe. Finally click clear browsing data to remove browsing data, downloading data, cache and cookies.


d. To change the homepage settings, navigate to the settings wrench > Settings and click “set pages”.

Remove or other suspicious search URLs by clicking the X that appears when hovering over the title.

Shut down the Google Chrome and then reopen it to check it out.

Please note that you should go all the way up as above stated to ensure the My Search Results is completely uninstalled and yet the computer is totally virus-free for nice working.


Alternate Choice to Conveniently Block

Anvi Ad Blocker by Anvisoft is designed and created to help computer users block malicious/unwanted websites, risky pop ups and banners. To block from either IE, Firefox or Google Chrome, you may take advantage of this ads blocking tool for practical help by just a simple action of adding to its Black Lists as showed below.

block mysearchresults-com.jpg

Download Anvi Ad Blocker here (direct download)->install it and run it->click MORE on top right of its main screen->Click Settings and select the Black Lists tab, click Add URL and there will be an input window, type “” in and click Add, then click X to close the window and save the change. The on the Blacklist menu as shown below, please click Apply to bring the change into effect. That’s it.

mysearchresults-com blocking.jpg

Good luck and be safe online. If any question/experiences/practices related, please share with us below.
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Re: How to Remove search results Redirect Virus ( Hijacker Removal Guide)

Postby Doug Wise » 2012-09-17 9:53 is not spyware or a virus. It is only installed at the users request and has passed all the major antivirus vendors scans.

Simple uninstall instructions can be found on the vendor's support site:
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