How to Remove Pup.Bprotector Adware ( Removal Guide)

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How to Remove Pup.Bprotector Adware ( Removal Guide)

Postby Sophia » 2012-08-29 22:57

Your computer seems something wrong with an excessive number of pop up ads? Or if you just figure out that Pup.Bprotector adware on your pc, read this post to find more and the solution.

The adware Pup.Bprotector (code name) is detected rampant currently, listed as today’s top virus due to the annoyance it causes to users worldwide. It affects the web browsers installed on the compromised computer, e.g. in Google Chrome might stop loading Flash and Firefox displays the “Not responding’ alert. However, what sets it apart from other adware is its malicious properties that it is created by cyber criminals to track user’s search habits, online activities and even keystrokes and then send the information to remote hackers to deploy a web surfing fraud which is intended to ensure multiple hits to certain web servers. In addition, Pub.Bprotector may as well disrupt the processes running on the victim’s machine. To figure out how to remove this malicious adware, move to below removal details.

Pup.Bprotector Removal Guide

Considering the manual deletion of some files associated with this adware (which may vary on different infested machines) is problematic, you are highly advised to bet on this anti-malware removal tool-Anvi Smart Defender (free version)

Download Antimalware Tool to Detect and Remove Pup.Bprotector.

After the download, please use it to full scan the computer and remove the detected malicious results. By the way, according to the specific situation that may vary a lot, you could reboot the computer to safe mode to run only essential processes and use the Antimalware to scan and get rid of the virus.

However, if you do prefer to go manual removal way and yet you are expertise on computer skills, especially registry editor using and system files changing. Below are technical information of this adware for reference. Remind again that the associated files of this adware can randomly change depending on different situation and it needs savvy computer skills to figure out the very files related. So please see to back up all system files before you move on the manual removal and yet it is still our suggestion to use the antimalware tool to remove it efficiently, safely and completely.

1 Stop the malicious processes:


Note: if it is hard to figure the specific process related out, you may run the computer in safe mode and skip this step to next one.

2. Delete associated files and folders:


3. Remove the registry keys listed:

HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\{random}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current\Winlogon\”Shell” = “{random}.exe”


Anvi Smart Defender is focused on malware prevention strategies. It is created in a light smart way for easy use and it is compatible with mainstream antivirus to enhance online security in terms of malware of all sorts. You may just keep it on to secure your online activities. If any questions/suggestions related, just let us know and we will highly appreciate that and yet reward your kind attention with better improved software and services.

Also, better bet on a pc system cleaner/optimizer like Cloud System Booster to clean up the entire OS after the removal by throwing out junk files, repairing registry entries and optimizing system services.

Good luck with you. If any question in the process, please leave it below.
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