Time Machine fails when other shares mounted

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Time Machine fails when other shares mounted

Postby LukeWolma » 2012-09-13 2:53

So i've actually had this problem for a while but never got around to fixing it.

Basically what happens is i setup time machine and it will work fine until i mount another share that requires Different Credentials then Time Machine starts failing to find the disk.

I've been able to ignore this issue and not use User restricted shares as i've lived alone and my NAS has been isolated from the net. but as i will be moving soon and may end up with a roomate i find the need to add user restrictions to my shares more important.

So what can i do to ensure my Time Machine backups still function while being able to mount User restricted shares to my Mac

I looked around for an answer but so far not much luck in finding one
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Re: Time Machine fails when other shares mounted

Postby Ivy » 2012-09-13 3:36

Welcome to Anvisoft forum. I am sorry that I am unable to help you with your problem since we are unfamiliar with Mac programs.
I suggest you post your problem in Mac forum to seek assistance.
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Re: Time Machine fails when other shares mounted

Postby clk4suport » 2013-12-19 4:26

Hi there,

i will try some thing that beneficial for you and provides you best way to solve that particular issue.

Thank You.

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