Microsoft shuts down 2 Zeus botnet servers

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Microsoft shuts down 2 Zeus botnet servers

Postby queen » 2012-03-27 2:50

Microsoft is receiving wide kudos for once again disrupting a major botnet.

Botnets are sprawling networks of infected Windows PCs manipulated by criminal gangs to steal from online banking accounts.

Working with U.S. Marshals and two financial services industry trade groups, the software giant on Friday orchestrated a surprise raid on two Internet hosting companies: Continuum Data Centers in Lombard, Ill., and BurstNet in Scranton, Pa.

Seized were two command-and-control servers used to send instructions to millions of infected PCs that are part of the massive Zeus botnet.

The raid came after Microsoft filed a civil lawsuit, partly under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The company has combined legal tactics with cyberforensics three other times since 2010 to shut down command-and-control servers used to direct large botnets.

"Microsoft has done the online world a great service by establishing a repeatable process and a legal framework for taking down botnets and bringing malware distributors to justice," says Stephen Cobb, security evangelist at anti-virus firm ESET.

Graham Cluley, researcher at tech security firm Sophos, says Microsoft has a profound self-interest in cleaning up the Internet.

"The last thing Microsoft wants is for the prevalence of malware to be a reason for people to purchase their next computer from Apple," he says.

Microsoft's lawsuit identifies 39 John Does, who use 65 different online aliases, and accuses them of controlling as many as 13 million infected PCs, using them to steal more than $100 million from online banking accounts.
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Re: Microsoft shuts down 2 Zeus botnet servers

Postby dolphin2012 » 2012-04-10 3:42

If microsoft would build a operating system that has way less security flaws and spent 10 years to 15 years in doing so it would deter criminal cyber threat hackers. This way they wont have to spend boo koo bucks on lawsuits!

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