Super Virus or is that Circus Music I hear?

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Super Virus or is that Circus Music I hear?

Postby shadow » 2012-01-11 11:33

There they were two techs Jeff and Chad who got up every morning like clockwork. They took turns carpooling to work each day. Little did they know that today would be very different indeed. Jeff.... "Hey did you run across that new Super Virus'' …Chad, "Which one is that ".....Jeff...."It's called Killerclown, it first appears as popup two huge Red Clown Shoes."...."Then it does a Drive-By In a small taxi cab.".....The cab stops the doors fly open, starts opening all the ports of the Firewall......."Meanwhile while your busy trying to harden your Firewall".... '16 other clowns get out of the taxi ... while your too busy laughing at how they fit in the cab... they all walk close to your screen... they squirt some junk on it with the daisies that’s on their lapel..........Your Desktop Wallpaper vanishes replaced by a Blue Screen Of Death and the song " Be a Clown " blares from your speakers. Chad,....Well did you use all your tools to try and disinfect Killerclown....Jeff, ..... " Chad I tried , everyone they all failed., then it came to me..... When I did another restart I waited for them to pull up in their taxi.......but this time I changed my Wallpaper to one that had picture of a circus Big Top tent…. They got out of the cab and went into the tent, ...... Well the one thing about this tent is it had special animation too it.....It had a little boy in it that was hiding behind the Big Top...... He hated clowns, so he torched the tent and you could hear the clowns screaming out my speakers....... The Big Top burned completely to the ground. I carry this Wallpaper around now in my toolbox.... I’ll make you a copy ...Chad.,,, " What's this Wallpaper called anyway? "..... Jeff.....The name of it is......."Send in the Clowns"
This I wrote while back, hope you get a chucle out of it
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