Computer Security Checklist for WIndows

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Computer Security Checklist for WIndows

Postby shadow » 2012-02-04 10:59

Malware Prevention Computer Security Checklist for Windows

This checklist quickly covers critical steps for protecting Windows operating system. Following these steps will help secure you computer and data.

Basic Security Steps

* The latest updates from Microsoft are installed. Where can I get the latest updates from Microsoft?

* Windows Update is enabled. How do I enable Windows Update? Update?

* Antivirus software is installed and running. What antivirus software should I use?

* Firewall protection in turned on. How do I choose a firewall?

*Software updates are checked on a regular basis. How do I update my software?

* Strong (complex) passwords are always used. How can I test the strength of my password?

* Passwords are not shared or written down.

* A password is required to access my computer. How do I password protect my computer?

* Unused programs are removed. How do I uninstall programs?

* My home wireless network is secured. How do I secure my home wireless network?

* My important data is regularly backed up. How do I back up my data?

* I use caution when I browse the internet.

* My computer is turned off when not in use.

* My web browser does not store or remember my passwords.

* Temporary internet files are periodically removed. How do I remove them? my temporary internet files?

Additional / Advanced Security Steps

***** Please Use Extreme Caution when applying these. They are not intended for the average PC User.*****

* I am running under a non-administrator account (“least privilege”). How do I change my account type?

* Guest account is disabled. How do I disable the Guest account?

* Unnecessary web browser plug-ins are disabled.

* File sharing on my system is disabled. How do I disable file sharing?

* A BIOS password is set to prevent alterations to the system. How do I access BIOS settings?

* Unneeded Windows services are disabled. Which services can I disable?

* Autorun feature is disabled. How do I disable the Autorun feature?
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