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Re: How can I remove

Postby Ivy » 2012-10-23 3:25

Autumn, I did run ESET. Also ran ASD complete scan.... and there is no more indication of .
But now, I have a problem with AdBlocker. It doesn't seem to block anything anymore. It allows everything.
Earlier, I could not start it at all with the short cut on the desktop so I deleted it and reinstalled it. It now works but as I mentioned, It allows everything. I have entries in the blacklist.. Some are firefox.exe, www.firefox.exe, ib.adnxs.exe, svchost.exe, thunderbird.exe.... (They are entered as typed here), Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a manual available for AdBlocker?
PS: Are you tired of me yet.

Hello John,
You should type the url or website such as in the black or white list. Anvi AD Blocker does not block applications from running, so the format of firefox.exe, www.firefox.exe, ib.adnxs.exe, svchost.exe is wrong. Please type in the black list to block the malicious website.

Should you have any problem, please just feel free to post here or send us email. We are always glad to offer you help.
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Re: How can I remove

Postby vincent1 » 2012-10-23 3:48

JohnB wrote:PS: Are you tired of me yet. :)

Anvisoft staff is very professional and patient. :mrgreen:

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