This website keeps coming out to take over my homepage, how to remove it thoroughly?

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This website keeps coming out to take over my homepage, how to remove it thoroughly?

Postby edward » 2012-09-27 21:42


Anvisoft Forum,

My name is Edward. I registered your forum to ask for help. My problem is that there is a website named keeps coming out to hijack my homepage. This becomes worse when I found there are many pop ups come out to bother me. And It also changed my homepage. I am driven crazy by this. How to remove it? Thanks.

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Re: This website keeps coming out to take over my homepage, how to remove it thoroughly?

Postby Autumn » 2012-09-27 21:43

Hello Edward,

Welcome to Anvisoft Forums. Thank you for posting here. I'm Autumn and I'm here to help you solve your issue. Hope my answer would be useful to you.

You may kindly notify that is a redirect virus that can redirect you to other websites as well as change your default homepage via modifying Internet settings and DNS settings. You might get this infection visiting insalubrious websites, receiving spam emails or downloading fake nasty applications. You really should remove this website from your computer to protect your security because once infected with this redirect virus, your personal information will be in high risk of exposure to public.

A professional guide will do you a favor during the process of removing this redirect virus. To make it easier to uninstall this redirect virus, we recommend you to download and install a certain anti-virus or anti-malware program to remove potential malicious infections. If you have not installed an anti-virus or anti-malware program on your computer yet, you may have a try on Anvi Smart Defender (Highly Recommended). Anvi Smart Defender by Anvisoft is a smart anti-malware program that can better help you protect your computer in real-time together with anti-virus program. Although nothing can replace a full antivirus application on a PC, it will be better to have a good anti-malware program as well.

In regard to the details of the removal guide, please refer to this article

Should you have any other question or problem about the removal instruction or Anvi Smart Defender, please feel free to let us know. We'll be more than happy to help you. Thank you for supporting Anvisoft.

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