frequently hacked my google chrome, how to remove this browser redirect virus?

This forum is committed to providing assistance to remove spyware, adware, trojans, worms, and other forms of malware. frequently hacked my google chrome, how to remove this browser redirect virus?

Postby juliea » 2012-09-24 8:12

A very annoying ofen comes out to take over my opened webpages as well as my default homepage. It also pops up many ads box when I'm surfing online. which does not happen to me before. I don't know if the website is safe, but I really need to get rid of it. How to do it?

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Re: frequently hacked my google chrome, how to remove this browser redirect virus?

Postby Autumn » 2012-09-24 9:05

Hello Juliea,

Welcome to Anvisoft Forums. Thank you for posting here. I'm Autumn and I'm here to help you solve your issue. Hope my answer would be helpful to you. is a malicious browser hijacker virus, also known as browser redirect virus, that can redirect search queries (search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) to its by modifying DNS settings as well as browser internet setting.

To remove it, you may need a professional removal guide.

Step 1> Check the LAN settings of your browser.

Step 2> Check your hosts file and remove any malicious entries.

Step 3> Check DNS (Domain Name Server) settings.

Step 4> Reset homepage.

Step 5> Remove add-on from your web browsers.

In regard to the details of the removal instruction, please refer to this article

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