Is Win 8 Seurity System Alert Fake or not? Need to pay money?

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Is Win 8 Seurity System Alert Fake or not? Need to pay money?

Postby mandy » 2012-08-31 4:12

Hi all,

I have a question: Is Win 8 Seurity System a fake antivirus software? I have no idea about it. It seems that I need to pay their money to remove these detected viruses? Is there someone can help me solve this issue. Thank you for your answer.

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Re: Is Win 8 Fake or not? Need to pay money?

Postby Autumn » 2012-08-31 4:23

Hello Mandy,

Thank you for visiting Anvisoft Forums. Thank you for your question.

Yes. Win 8 Security System is a rogue anti-spyware. You should remove it as soon as possible. You can see here to follow the removal guide we provide you. For any other problem, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for your support to Anvisoft.

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Re: Is Win 8 Seurity System Fake or not? Need to pay money?

Postby Sophia » 2012-09-03 2:17

Hi, Mandy

Hope your computer is fine now. Win8 Security System Fake alert looks real but is actually a fake one for the sole purpose of extorting money from innocent computer users. It is fake, for assured. We Anvisoft Virus Lab has detected it a few days ago and if you've installed our Anvi Smart Defender, you could just update its database to the latest and then use it to full scan your computer and the detailed steps could be:

Step 1> Try entering the registry code (legal) of Win8 Security System Fake alert: 8F42D6E3-FD18 in the right place as it will introduce you to. If this fails (possibly), reboot the computer to safe mode with networking and then move to step 2.

Step 2> Download Anvi Smart Defender, direct download link:

Step 3> Perform a full scam with Anvi Smart Defender and remove the virus detected.

Step 4> Restart the computer to normal and now your computer should be all right.

If any question, just let us know. Or you may refer to another detailed removal guide here:
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